Clickscope Digital: How to launch a content marketing campaign

Using SEO to optimise your content marketing campaign

Although the internet makes it easier for all businesses to reach their target audience, that doesn’t mean it is easy. Search engine algorithms follow a strict ranking system to classify all the potential hits of an online user’s search query. For business owners, this means they should do their best to rank higher than their competitors. Content marketing can help with this.

content marketing campaign

Digital advertising is a must for all enterprises, especially for small businesses. It’s an excellent way to get potential leads and have higher conversion rates. However, you need to ensure that you’re using the right strategies to develop your brand’s online presence.

The impact of content marketing on businesses

Content marketing is one of the many strategies you can use to increase your ranking in search page results. It ensures that your sites maintain viewer engagement with online visitors while improving your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) rankings for the long term. It’s the best way to gradually increase your brand placement to reach your target market.

If you want to improve your site’s online presence, here are three things you should do to launch a successful content marketing campaign.

1. Start with a comprehensive marketing plan

You can’t start a successful marketing campaign without having an ironclad marketing plan. First, set out your marketing objectives by having realistic and measurable goals. Your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will guide you on what works and what doesn’t while your marketing plan is ongoing.

Afterwards, you should research who your target market is. You will need to conduct marketing surveys and perform keyword research so that you can appear on your potential customers’ search engine queries.

2. Plot out a content calendar

Consistency is the key to getting higher search page rankings. For this reason, you must set out a detailed content calendar so that you won’t have any delays or gaps in your publishing schedule. Keep in mind that different digital platforms will have a specific metric for what counts as consistent posting. For example, Twitter will require you to post more than one tweet a day.

On the other hand, posting daily on Facebook will be sufficient to qualify as a responsive page. Make sure that you connect all your social media with your main website to ensure that you’re connecting all your marketing channels to reach your website. Remember that your main goal isn’t to achieve viral status on your social media posts. All your marketing efforts must always lead back to higher conversion rates on your site’s landing pages.

3. Always back up your claims

Your content marketing should present your brand as an authority figure in your industry. This is why businesses that run blogs offer informational content and industry news that are relevant to their customers. Developing your credibility is a matter of validating your sources.

You can do this by applying link building strategies to your content. Make sure that you’re referring to statistical information that comes from reliable sources through your backlinks. Don’t forget to include internal linking in your pages if you have content that touches on similar or related topics.


Developing your brand’s online presence isn’t just about setting out long-term plans; you should also be a reactive business entity. Learn to listen about the current market and gauge for yourself if your pre-made plans will still achieve the projected effect. Don’t be afraid to stray away from your plans from time to time. When it comes to matching the needs of an online audience, you must exercise flexibility and creativity.

Sometimes, the best way to improve your marketing campaign is by hiring professionals to assist you. Clickscope Digital is a digital agency in Cambridge that provides innovative marketing solutions, from SEO to content marketing. Contact us today to receive a free strategy call with our marketing experts!