A helpful guide on construction workwear: What do you need?

The purpose of workwear for construction

There is no denying that construction is one of the most dangerous sectors to work in. It is vital that these workplaces follow the correct safety procedures in order to protect their employees. This includes using the correct construction workwear.

construction workwear

An integral part of safety in these workplaces is appropriate workwear. We aren’t just talking about yellow hard hats and reflective vests. In fact, there is a lot more where that came from. Today, we will be discussing what each construction worker should wear in order to stay safe at work and prevent the risk of injury.

Hi-vis jacket

Construction sites are busy places. Often you will find there are a lot of people working on them. So, it is important that you can make yourself known to others on site and therefore a high-vis jacket should be an essential part of your workwear. If one of your colleagues is operating a heavy piece of machinery, like a crane, they need to be able to see anyone who is potentially in the way. If they cannot see you, this could result in serious injury. You can learn more about the importance of high-visibility clothing through some online research. You should always ensure that you have some form of high-vis on your person.

Safety gloves

Hand protection workwear is very important as a construction worker. Of course, it is a very hands-on job and there will be times where you may be operating machinery or lifting heavy goods. So, it is crucial that you wear safety gloves to protect your hands and prevent the risk of injury. There are several different types of gloves that you will need to familiarise yourself with. You may be surprised to know that specific gloves are more suitable for certain jobs than others.

Leather gloves are heavy duty. You would often wear these when welding. Rubber gloves are typically worn when you are handling chemicals, oils or solvents. Kevlar gloves are popular in industrial work as they are often used to protect your hands against both freezing temperatures and heat. Cotton/fabric gloves are the types you may be most familiar with. They are not always recommended for construction work as they protect your hands against minor injuries.

Safety goggles

A construction site can be full of flying debris, dust, smoke and corrosive chemicals. So, it is important that you wear the appropriate eye protection. Safety goggles and glasses are crucial. Your workplace should provide you with the correct eyewear. However, if they do not then you must not hesitate to raise this as a concern. Your eyes are a delicate organ. Severe damage to them can be irreversible so it is important that you acquire the correct safety goggles.

It can also be beneficial to opt for a safety goggle that has built-in UV protection. Construction work is mostly based outdoors, and those summers can be hot. With built-in UV protection, you will also be protected by any direct sunlight which could hinder your vision.

Safety boots

Safety boots are an essential piece of kit for any construction worker. They protect both the bones and tendons in your feet from getting damaged from any falling debris. Typically, a construction site will have uneven surfaces. They could be covered in rubble and all sorts of debris which is another reason why protective footwear is essential. The right safety boot will protect your feet from punctures or penetration such as treading on a sharp piece of metal.

Comfortable safety boots are not just about protection; they also play a crucial role in ensuring that construction workers can perform their duties with ease. When safety boots are comfortable, they provide the necessary support for long hours on rough terrain, minimizing foot strain and discomfort. These boots are an indispensable asset for workers, allowing them to focus on the job without worrying about foot pain or fatigue.

Ideally, you will choose a boot that has a steel-toe cap. They offer ultimate protection particularly from any objects that may fall onto your feet. Rigger boots are a popular style of safety boot. They offer ultimate protection and are favoured by many as they are easy to slip on. You can find a wide range of rigger boots at SafetyBootsUK.

Functional trousers

The type of trousers you wear to work will depend on the type of construction site you are on. It will also depend on the climate. For example, during the summertime, you might opt for shorts instead of trousers. Some construction workers may require lots of pockets, whilst others require knee pads. Firstly, to find out which trousers you need, it is important to do your research. Through some online research, you will find a list of the different types of construction trousers. From this, you can identify what qualities you need in your trousers.

Some workers may opt for a relaxed fit as anything too tight can be restricting. Canvas work trousers are also a popular option as they are thick and heavy-duty. They can be very durable but during those hot summer months, they can be unbearable to work in. You’ll find that you’ll often have to change the style of your work trousers throughout the year.

Hard hats

As previously mentioned, construction sites can have many hazards. Falling debris is one that can result in a lot of injuries. So, to protect yourself against this, it is important that you wear a hard hat. They protect you from high-impact debris by absorbing the shock of the impact. For many, a hard hat has been a lifesaver. Head injuries are very severe, and they can even result in fatalities on many construction sites. When worn correctly, a hard hat offers the best protection for your head.

Another great quality about hard hats is the fact that they are designed to reduce electrical shock. This is particularly useful for those of you who work near exposed electrical conductors that may come into contact with your head.

Ear plugs/Earmuffs

Construction sites are not the quietest places to work. The loud environment can cause long-term damage to your ears if you don’t take the necessary actions to protect them. Earplugs and earmuffs are a must as part of your workwear. Many people who have worked in construction for a long time have exposed their ears to a lot of damage. Over time, loud bursts of noise can perforate your eardrum and it can even cause tinnitus which is a continuous buzzing or ringing in your ears. Recent studies have shown that 38% of construction workers have reported ringing or buzzing in their ears. So, it is time to start wearing the appropriate ear protection to benefit your health in the future.


Outerwear is something that will change throughout the year as it is very dependent on the climate. During the warmer months, you may not feel the need for outerwear. However, the winter can be harshly cold. A hoodie is a common piece of outerwear that you will often see on most construction sites. They are often inexpensive which is great as clothes can tend to get dirty and ripped during construction work.

Duck canvas jackets are also very popular. They are made using a durable canvas which makes them a great option for working on a construction site. Some workplaces may even provide you with a thick high-vis jacket. If you can incorporate high-vis into your outerwear, then that is a bonus. If you do opt for a jacket or hoodie, it is important that you still wear a high-vis vest over the top of this garment to help keep you safe and visible to your peers.