The best way to earn Bitcoins: What is cloud mining

Earning bitcoins through cloud mining and its advantages

As cryptocurrency enters global finance, many people make money using cloud mining. If you want to profit and create your own passive income, maybe it’s time to try something new with the best cloud mining¬†companies.

cloud mining

In fact, cloud mining services have been around since cryptocurrency’s early days. Currently, while traditional ASIC mining is facing a rough patch, cloud mining is gaining momentum. It is not that easy to maintain mining gear for the time being (and it takes a lot of money, let’s face it). So the cloud mining industry offers those out there interested in mining crypto an opportunity to outsource that process. For those who lack space and equipment, cloud mining technology is definitely the answer. Also, you can join that kind of cryptocurrency business with a really small investment (and make a good profit after all). That’s why it is valuable.

How do cloud mining contracts work

The best cloud mining companies provide customers with crypto services under different plans. Some of them also offer so-called cryptocurrency portfolios, profitable tools for investments in digital assets. By paying for a contract, crypto investors rent hash power generated in the provider’s data centre park. With cloud mining, users do not have to buy any equipment. They also do not face any technical issues and risks of hardware breakdowns. Since providers set up and maintain all the gear by themselves, customers have an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency without all that challenges.

Next, the prices of the current plans are pretty low. It is also quick and easy to enter. In order to start investing, a user should select a contract and pay for it. Which mining contracts are most profitable? Just to be clear, the higher cost means the higher hash rate amount. So you should select the plans with high performance if you seek the highest possible return on your investment within the contract duration period.

What are the key advantages of cloud mining?

  • It is easy to start at any moment, even with a small initial amount.
  • You can mine Bitcoins and altcoins without technical knowledge.
  • Since providers offer a wide variety of plans, it is a really flexible model of passive income.
  • Most contracts have a short payback time.
  • With rising Bitcoin value, you can get extra income. Also, you can reinvest your funds to get the highest possible profit.

A closer look at the profitability

To predict the earning capacity, customers can calculate the estimated profit using an income calculator. The contract prices are usually based on several parameters, such as hash rate (hash power), maintenance fees, duration period, etc. After purchasing a suitable plan, the customer can track the charges using statistics dashboards on the account.


So, with this technology, it became much easier to earn BTC and altcoins from home. You don’t have to invest in expensive machines and then maintain them. Renting hash power is an easy-to-understand model. And it can bring to the crypto investor steady income within some months. And that is why it is often marked as one of the best ways of investing online in digital assets.