6 benefits of coaching in the workplace

Coaching your employees in the workplace can have amazing results.

In many businesses, there’s a great deal of pressure involved in balancing profitability and performance with employee satisfaction. Ensuring maximum productivity while also providing staff with plenty of support and a good work-life balance can be difficult, and it often seems as though something has to give — but what if it doesn’t? Coaching in the workplace could be the answer.

coaching in the workplace

Many businesses are using coaching as a tool to improve culture, performance and employee satisfaction with positive results. One study from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) found that coaching has a median company return of 700%, and it is often reported to have a positive impact on employee morale and retention.

Coaching in the workplace can help your teams perform to their full potential while ensuring employees are happy and fulfilled within their roles. Here are some key benefits that could make a difference within your company:

1. Enhanced performance

One of the biggest benefits of employee coaching is improved performance. A professional business coach with accredited coach training can work to unlock your employees’ talent, helping them overcome any personal and professional barriers that may be holding them back.

Regular coaching sessions can give your people the clarity and confidence needed to be their best, and providing this service will also make them feel supported and encouraged within their roles. With 69% of employees saying they would work harder if they felt their efforts were better recognised, it’s essential that your staff feel appreciated.

2. Better communication

Workplace coaching makes it clear to employees that honest discussions are encouraged within your organisation. When your people feel their thoughts and feelings truly matter to the company they’re a part of, they are far more likely to speak out about any issues or innovative ideas they may have. Encouraging open communication within your business creates a more positive work environment and enables colleagues to build more meaningful relationships.

3. Improved retention

When people work for an organisation that wants to see them flourish, they are less likely to go in search of greener pastures. Providing a coach can significantly boost retention rates, as your employees will feel nurtured as individuals.

4. Empowered employees

Coaching empowers employees by giving them greater confidence and the tools to manage challenges for themselves, both during the period of coaching and beyond. The reflective space provided in coaching sessions encourages employees to question their own approaches, experiences and objectives, which helps them think strategically and be better equipped to deal with any future hurdles at work.

5. A motivated workforce

Introducing professional coaching within your organisation is an excellent motivational tool. The right coach will challenge employees and give them the drive to go further by helping them overcome their own limitations. Your people will be encouraged to shift their focus to their strengths rather than any perceived weaknesses, giving them greater self-confidence to set and achieve goals.

6. Support for new starters

Workplace coaching can be beneficial for all employees, including new starters. Providing this additional support to new employees can ease their transition into your organisation and allow them to make an impact from the start. Coaching sessions can be helpful to make new starters feel valued and allow them to integrate into a new team more easily.