Tips to make your business card stand out

Making a professional business card

There are lots of different factors which go into making a business card. The colour, its hue and shade, the font type, as well as its colour, and what type of card it goes on. Investing in a personal business card can help make you stand out in the crowd.

business card

Depending on the business you are in, you may want to tailor your business card to it. If you work in graphics design, maybe include a more visual design. If you work for a website like algo affiliates, maybe a simpler, marketing design will suffice.

Remember to keep your business card simple and memorable. A good business card should display pertinent information prominently, be easily readable, and have a simple, clean design.


With all this being said, a business card doesn’t just have to be a shade of white with black text. You can go more creative with it if you want. Try and create a business card that really shows your brands personality. If people are unfamiliar with your brand, a business card may be their first contact with you. This means you need to make sure your card sets the right message.

However, remember the rules to a good business card. It can be easy to overdo it with colour, especially if it’s clashing. When choosing the colour, make sure your text still stands out and is easily readable.


When focusing on the design, try and create something rememberable. If you work for a software or design company, try and add in software or design graphics that can fit well into the business card. Something simple but creative can really help you to stand out against others, as well as help people understand what your business is about.

You should also include practical designs, maybe include braille along with the text. Adding some texture to the font of the text can help make it pop as well.

Two-sided designs

Having a two-sided design can be simple yet effective, adding some extra flare to your business card and helping it to stand out. Maybe make an inverse pattern, with white on one side and black on another. Again though, make sure it is easy to read and follow, if it becomes confusing, customers may quickly discard it.

Shape and size

Experiment with the size and shape of your business card. Perhaps there is some simple design to help make you stand out. However, it is important to keep in mind that it still should roughly conform to the normal measurements. If you choose a size that can’t fit comfortably inside a wallet or business card holder, then it will likely be discarded as well.

When designing a business card, always remember to keep it simple, elegant, and easily readable. People should be able to find all relevant information without hassle.