Checklist for your next event

When is your next event coming up? This checklist will help!

Hosting an event is always a busy and sometimes stressful time, so the more you plan and can tick off your to-do list in advance has to be a good thing. A checklist and identifying key dates and actions can be the difference between success and failure, even for the most disorganised event organiser!

checklist for the next event

Here are some things that must be on an event organisers checklist.

The right team

Event management is rarely a one-person operation, so fostering good teamwork is essential if you want to lighten the load a little and ensure you enjoy the event. Selecting the right team and suppliers with care can help you avoid something going wrong, and can give you the headspace you need to enjoy the day.

The legalities

Whether it’s licensing, security, insurance or other permits you need, make sure you get them well in advance. There’s nothing worse than not being able to host your event because a vital form was not filled in.

A contingency plan

No event organiser wants to plan for a failure but there aren’t many events that go completely according to plan. Writing a plan for dealing with those common mishaps that plague many an event manager can allow you to seamlessly move on from them without detracting from everything else you have to do.

The right facilities to lead from

An on-site cabin can be a safe place to store personal belongings and coordinate the team on the day. And, in addition, it’s far nicer to be running operations with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a microwaveable breakfast when you had to rush out from home early to get the work done ready for a successful day. Having a site cabin and welfare unit close by can give all team members the breathing space to get through the day without exhausting themselves when it gets too hot or too wet outside.

Hygiene facilities for staff and guests

Employee welfare is not just a legal requirement under the Health and Safety Act; it is essential if you want the best from your team on the day of the event. Equipment hire for events can get busy, so you will need to plan well in advance and enlist the help of a reliable specialist hire solution company such as SRP Hire Solutions in plenty of time to ensure you have the equipment you need to be delivered in time for your event. Their experience can also be invaluable if you struggle to fully determine the number of facilities you need to accommodate your expected attendance. A specialist equipment hire and event company can take over this side of the event management from you or simply deliver as you require.

Meeting and office space

Important because you will have paperwork to do, whether it’s showing compliance with health and safety or keeping contact details to hand for event staff, service providers or entertainment. You certainly don’t want to be carrying everything with you the whole time. Keeping it in a car can be impractical as it could be some way from the day’s events and you won’t have time to run back and forth, especially when the terrain makes it impossible to leave it safely anywhere near. If you are looking to hire office and secure storage units, you will need to do so in plenty of time, especially during busier times where events are popular.

Our last words

Employees aside, you certainly don’t want the only memorable thing about your event to be that the toilets didn’t show or the queue was so long everyone missed most of it. While getting the right facilities is just one thing on your checklist, it’ll be one that ticks a lot of other boxes for you.