What do brain injury solicitors do, and why is it important? 

Brain injuries can be devastating, which is why you may need brain injury solicitors.

Brain injury solicitors support those who have suffered a brain injury due to an accident that was not their fault or negligent medical care. In these cases, they are helping the injured person gain the financial compensation they are entitled to.

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What do brain injury solicitors do? 

Brain injury solicitors are lawyers who specialise in supporting people with brain injuries. They are legal experts dealing with brain injury claims daily and helping countless people following accidents.

What is a brain injury?

In the UK, 125,000 people each year suffer a head injury that requires hospital admittance. Head and brain injuries happen in many circumstances:

  • Workplace accidents
  • Medical negligence
  • Road traffic incidents
  • Assault or violent crime
  • Sports injury
  • Entertainment and recreation activities

What type of brain injuries can I claim for?

If your brain injury was the consequence of someone’s negligence, then you may qualify for compensation. For example, if you suffer an accident while on private property, you can look at making a claim.

Regardless of how severe the injury is, you can speak to a brain injury lawyer about the possibility of making a claim. Even relatively minor damage can have a serious impact. Lesser injuries can still cause lasting memory loss, headaches or vision problems.

What is compensation?

A compensation claim for a brain injury is granted to pay for any financial troubles and pain and suffering resulting from your injury.

Usually, a compensation claim is made up of three sections of damages. These are General Damages: compensation for pain and suffering, Special Damages for Past Losses: compensation for financial loss since the injury and Special Damages for Future Losses: compensation for any future income loss that might happen.

How much compensation can be awarded for a head injury?

There is no upper limit of how much compensation will be awarded for head or brain injuries. The amount you can receive will depend on the severity of the damage.

Why are brain injury claims so important?

Head and brain injury compensation claims are meaningful legal processes because they are designed to return the claimant to the same quality of life as before the accident or as close as possible.

Financial relief: The claim is more than just money. Relieving the financial burden of an injury that wasn’t your fault will have a lifelong impact. It is a significant relief for injured people to know that any financial expenses they have or will have due to their injuries are covered.

Rehabilitation: Injury lawyers do more than offer legal advice and process claims. They work with medical experts to advise on the most beneficial rehabilitation for your injury. Your lawyers will also aim to get interim payments for you to cover rehabilitation expenses before the compensation pay-out has been agreed upon.

Some people, depending on the precise nature of their injury and claim may for example need specific forms of therapy like pet therapy, which can be highly beneficial. If someone does for example need a pet or perhaps a guide dog, there will be costs associated with this, like providing the correct multivitamins and supplementation for dogs for example or for the pet or animal in question.

Long-term recovery: Brain injuries can be ruthless. The road to recovery can involve regaining functions such as speech, memory and other cognitive abilities. While many do fully recover, some people will experience challenging everyday circumstances that last a lifetime.

A brain injury lawyer aims to ensure your long-term recovery. In support of this, they will often guide clients to medical experts who can advise on the longer-term impacts of the injury. Part of their job is to make sure you can access the best therapists and care to help restore your quality of life.

Family support: Brain injuries can also have a devastating effect on the families of the injured person. Due to their injuries, they sometimes can’t make a claim themselves. Fortunately, a family member, partner or carer can start a claims process on their behalf.

The family member will only need to prove that they are the primary caregiver for the injured person. Brain injury solicitors will also point families towards support organisations that help them handle the impact of a loved one’s brain injury.