Why two-way radios are still vital to a business

Are two-way radios useful for businesses?

Hand-held two-way radios, or walkie talkies, are still ideal to certain businesses over mobile phones, and we do not see that going away anytime soon. While today’s mobiles are powerful, walkie talkies are still superior in some ways. This post will explain why two-way radios are ideal for many business situations.

two-way radios

Better battery life

Smartphones have gone a long way with battery life, but they require a lot of power because they are miniature computers. Because of this, they may last for only a few hours on a single charge unless you put them in an extreme power-saving mode.

Meanwhile, walkie talkies are designed to last the entire workday, ranging from 8-12 hours for a single charge. Modern walkie talkies come with rechargeable batteries, so you can recharge them after a day and use them fully the next.

After a couple of years, they will need replacing. However, the experts can make replacement easy. Businesses such as Moonraker Online allow for easy replacement without too much worry.

No towers to worry about

Cell phones require towers. If you’re in an area with no reception, your team may have problems communicating with one another if you rely on a mobile phone alone.

However, walkie talkies do not need towers. They can reach for miles with clear reception. Even if you work in an area where the reception is OK, walkie-talkies work wonders during outages.

They are easy to use

There are some situations where you need to communicate to your partner as quickly as possible, and you can’t bother to dial a number or search through your contacts. While voice commands have made this more accessible, it’s still no substitute for pressing a button and communicating instantly.

Another example of the walkie talkie’s ease of use is when there is an emergency. Many walkie talkies come with a button you press to signal an emergency. Meanwhile, dialling an emergency number with a phone can take much longer. When there’s an emergency, you may not be able to afford to waste any time.

Less distracting

Smartphones are amazing, but for a job, your employees may spend time distracted by social media or with other apps on there. They are designed to be addictive, and they may not be the best for business.

Meanwhile, a walkie talkie is not distracting. It has no games or apps on there; it’s just there to serve its purpose. When business is essential, you may not want to afford to spend time on different apps. You don’t have to worry about that with walkie talkies.


Finally, while smartphones have made advancements, such as waterproof capabilities, you’re always risking cracking the screen when you drop it.

Plus, try using them in the rain! Meanwhile, walkie talkies tend to be much more durable, making them ideal for working in rugged weather conditions.


These are some reasons why walkie talkies are still valuable for today’s business. If your business doesn’t have any, consider investing in them.

These devices have been trusted since the 30s! If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.