Tyre maintenance and staying safe when driving back home for Christmas

As Christmas is around the corner, we are reminding our readers to leave for their festive journeys after a thorough tyre maintenance check!

Tyre maintenance

Here’s what you need to look out for:

Tyre Pressure

Should be checked once a month or before heading out on a long journey. Checking your tyre pressure regularly not only increases your road safety but also reduces your tyre wear and increases your tyre longevity. Tyre pressure should be adjusted according to your vehicle manufacturers recommended level. Therefore, in case of de-inflated tyres, visit your nearest garage and make sure to fill air in all four of your tyres including the spare tyre. While getting your tyre inflated, also carry out a visual inspection and look out for any detectable damage or punctures.

Tyre Grip

Is an important tyre feature during winters. As the temperature begins to drop, having a tight grip on road is imperative for travelling safely. During the winter months, there is an increased risk of skidding, which can only be minimized by travelling along with good-quality tyres. It is recommended to have a minimum tread depth of 3mm when driving in temperatures below 7 degrees. So, if your tyres are not meeting this legal requirement, visit your garage and seek help from professionals.

Planning Is Everything!

When you plan to embark upon a journey during the holiday season – your vehicle plays a key role in making your tour smooth, hassle free and memorable.  As car owners are responsible for the upkeep of their vehicle, it should be made sure that your tyres, car brakes, engine, lights and car wipers are all working correctly and are ready for a long trip.

Usually, during the Christmas period, vehicles are heavily loaded with extra passengers, presents, and luggage and are travelling at a high speed on a motorway. With general tyre maintenance, while carrying extra weight in your car, it’s important to adjust tyre tread and tyre pressure levels according to the owner’s manual that is usually higher than the normally recommended levels. Drivers who fail to make these checks and adjustments can face a sudden and dangerous deflation.

So, going away for the holidays? You can also choose to set-off with new tyres! Buy car tyres online and celebrate Christmas with your loved ones safely.

Keep the above tyre checks in mind and enjoy your long winter break!