Bamboo waking up the bedding industry

The wonder plant waking up the global bedding industry

Green steps

When it comes to taking green steps, choosing a direction is a natural challenge. From where we work to what bedding we sleep in, making eco-friendly choices can leave us all scratching our heads. Entrepreneurs within the global bedding industry are combining the two with a silky, soft wonder plant – bamboo. Before we get on to the who, how and why, here is a thing or two you might not know about the new face of bedtime luxury.

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Why bamboo?

Move over cotton, when it comes to bedtime you have some competition. Not only can bamboo grow up to 4ft a day and survive on little but water and sunshine on considerably less land! The comfort of bamboo bedding is outstanding. No wonder the world’s most, well… wonderful, resource is becoming the go-to-choice for sustainable snuggling. The benefits of the fabric, made from the wonderplant, have launched it into being the new star of bedtime. To name a few… It is temperature regulating for one- hot, sticky, night sweats… be gone!  It is also naturally hypo-allergenic, incredibly durable and gets softer with every wash. (Yep- you read that right!) So, how did leading brands such as Panda London discover the resource and how is it making a difference to the global bedding industry?

Wonderful changes

Sleep is a business, there is no doubt about that. And when it comes to bedtime, many companies have one thing on their mind – lowest price point. Taking care of the environment means doing things differently and taking an eco-friendly, long-term approach to your business. Ethical brands were on a mission to find a sustainable resource that would provide all the comfort (and some) of cotton with minimum impact on the environment. This led them to the forests of Asia where the wonder plant grows. The rest is history- naturally!

The textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, which clearly kept some company directors up all night. Not happy till they found a way to turn bamboo into silky, soft bamboo bedding and lifestyle essentials. The bamboo products we can now shop for online are one of the most innovative developments in textile history. And it’s clearly doing wonders for our sleep!

Inspiring stuff, eh? According to the brands leading the way, that is the point. To inspire other businesses to take ethical responsibility for the production of their products. It certainly seems to be having the desired effect. Many retail giants are now choosing to collaborate with ethical brands. And you do not need to be a corporate rock star to make a difference. A greener future is something we can all walk towards.

Join the mission

Whether you are looking to make more eco-friendly choices within your business or lifestyle, it all starts with a mindset. To be part of the movement “save the planet” you need to be constantly scanning for ways to do things differently. From how you connect with consumers, what you brush your teeth with to what you snuggle into at night. Being planet friendly is easy with a bit of awareness. Looking towards brands making green changes, such as those in the bamboo bedding industry, is a great way to find inspiration for your own practices. Choosing and using recyclable packaging, making an effort to eat less meat and supporting environmental charities are all things to consider in hope of a greener future. Stuck for a place to start? How about ordering yourself some silky, soft bamboo bedding!

And together we can all fight climate change…one good night’s sleep at a time.