Ways to Build Corporate Image and Sustainable Reputation

Corporate image is crucial for a business. The younger generations are much more concerned with the ethics of the companies they use, and your image matters.

corporate image

If your business is searching for every possible edge to improve, then working on your corporate image is a great idea.

We will cover:

  • Environmentalism
  • Discounts
  • Company values
  • Treatment of employees

Below, we explore strategies to improve your corporate image.

What is your corporate image?

Corporate image refers to the public’s perception of a company. This is a product of a company’s performance, media coverage, ethics and success. These combine to establish an ever-changing reputation of a business.

Why does it matter?

Corporate image is crucial to attracting and maintaining customer loyalty. Consumers are currently keen to spend their money and invest in businesses that align with their own beliefs. By establishing a trusted, ethical reputation you can stand out in the market and increase loyalty amongst your customers.

Strategies to improve corporate image environmentalism

Climate change is one of the main issues that consumers care about. They know that companies are where the fight against climate change will be won.

If your company has a poor track record in sustainability, it’s highly likely that consumers will know about this and opt to spend their money elsewhere. However, by improving your environmental record you can quickly improve your corporate image.

This will involve a concerted effort: you’ll need to commit to sustainable policies, with a member of staff in charge of the process. Plus, if you manufacture products, you may need to invest in new technologies that use less energy in your packaging and production process.

Offer discounts

Offering discounts – particularly to special groups – can also boost the image of your company. If consumers see that you kindly offer discounts to respected groups in society, you’ll gain a trustworthy, responsible reputation. This could be something as simple as offering a charity worker discount, or you could offer discounts to NHS workers or to veterans.

Company values

What are your values as a company? Consumers want to see that your business cares about more than just turning a profit. This could be caring about how your products are sourced, caring about factory workers or about a specific cause. Ensure that the content on your website and social accounts coherently reflects this.

Treatment of employees

How you treat employees matters. If you have a toxic working environment and high staff turnover, you’ll find that word quickly spreads to consumers about these conditions. As such, you should try and create a positive, harmonious working environment, that leaves staff raving about their experiences with your company.

Altering your corporate image can seem daunting, but ultimately it comes down to how you treat people and the world around you. By becoming more sustainable and treating staff right, you should quickly be on track.