Amazon Prime video revenue statistics and facts in the UK

Amazon Prime Video is the streaming service that has it all.

With an extensive library of films and TV shows, you’ll never be without something,  new or old favorites brought back from days gone by! For those looking to shop as well then free delivery on many items makes this a one-stop destination for shoppers everywhere with Amazon Prime membership.


The best thing about Amazon Prime Video is being able to stream both original as well as licensed content which brings us to another advantage- access through your preferred device whether desktop/laptop etc.

Amazon is the most successful company in history! They have grown from an online retailer with only one city center location to a juggernaut that now owns enough stores worldwide for customers without having any physical presence at all. 

This means they make more money, provide better service and get new potential clients every day—all while never spending too much on advertising because people just show up when their needs arise or someone tells them about something cool going down over here.

The Amazon UK statistics show that Amazon Prime revenue has increased by more than 50% in just one year. The growth is most likely going to continue into 2021, making them a great investment for any investor!

This topic will focus on statistics that shed light on the market segment’s potential and the possibilities available in it. Continue reading to learn more!

Amazon Prime video statistics and facts:

The following information is based on Statistics from various sources regarding Amazon Prime Video.

  1. is the biggest online marketplace in the UK, with its nearest competitors being Tesco and Argos! (Cyber Crew)
  2. It’s the UK’s biggest online marketplace! rules supreme, with a whopping 50% market share to its name and 15 million items for sale on any given day. (
  3. In the third quarter of 2020, there were over 10.1 million households in the United Kingdom with an Amazon Prime Video subscription, which implies that they have added around 9 million subscribers in five years. (Statista). 
  4. Amazon Prime Video has 60 million subscribers in the United States, according to one report. As a result, Amazon Prime Video is predicted to have 60 million subs in the whole US SVOD industry, making it the second-largest service in the country. It adds approximately $200 million each year to the US market. (screen media).
  5. In the United Kingdom, Amazon Prime has over 15 million members. According to Amazon Prime membership data, 39% of customers have access to this subscription-based service. (don’t disappoint me)
  6. Amazon’s sales in the United Kingdom have increased by more than 400 percent since 2000, from roughly 4 billion US dollars to over 26 billion US dollars. (Statista). 
  7. Amazon’s revenue success in the UK, from retail, logistics, and IT services to £20.63 billion during 2020, was aided by that performance, which increased Amazon’s total income in the country from £20.63 billion to about double that of Marks & Spencer and by around 50% from £13.73 billion a year before. (
  8. The revenue of Amazon is 386.1 billion USD (2020) (
  9. Amazon’s success in the United Kingdom is not limited to e-commerce and internet shopping. The number of Prime Video subscribers in the United Kingdom has increased over time, reaching around eight million users by 2020 from five million in 2018. (Statista).
  10. As Amazon continues its dominance as the biggest e-tailer in Great Britain, it’s no wonder that most people shop there. The number of visitors to this site grew 60 million between October 2020 and November 2021 – which accounts for 86% (!) all online UK transactions! (Cyber Crew)
  11. Amazon has been a major player in the UK economy for years, and its latest financial report shows that it’s paying more tax than ever before. 

While sales increased 50% over this period to £20.63 billion during these challenging times of Covid-driven surge demand across all sectors including online retailing giant Amazon “proudly” pays taxes with every purchase made on behalf of its customers here at home. Amazon paid £492 million in direct taxation (

  1. Amazon is the UK’s favorite online retailer. Mintel reports that 70% of customers visit this site at least once per month while only 17 percent use it weekly! (Mintel)
  2. It is revealed that 39% of Amazon shoppers have a membership to this subscription service. 26% have Prime membership while 13% share access through another account holder’s profile! (Mintel)
  3. Amazon has been on a hiring spree, with the number of employees in the UK soaring from 1,872 to 27.5 thousand over ten years—and that’s not including all those temporary workers who were hired for Christmas! (Amazon UK), (The Guardian), (Statista)
  4. It is no secret that millennials love to shop online. In a UK survey conducted by Amazon Prime Day last year, 23% of participants cited lower prices and free shipping as their main reasons for making purchases from this retail platform! 

Other factors included variety (mentioned 15%) or speed – which makes the checkout process easier than ever before with zero-fudge moments when it comes time to pay upfront. (Statista)

  1. In a recent study, it was found that Amazon Prime has more titles than Netflix. 

The streaming service owned 20 thousand as of March 2020 while the other only had 5,520. Additionally 10% of their content is the UK produced which contrasts heavily with Netflix 8% offering us greater opportunity for enjoyment when browsing through these two giants’ libraries! (Statista) (Ofcom)

  1. Amazon Prime Video is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to streaming content. The service made more than twice as much money in one year than any other UK television broadcaster.

In the year 2018, the streaming service brought home a total of £1.09 billion, which is more than double what UK-based TV networks could manage and it’s not even close to being finished yet either. (Digital TV Europe).

  1. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on’s web traffic, as the number of visits from both desktop and mobile devices increased by almost 13 billion over last year – reaching 485 million per January 2021 report! (The UK Domain) (Similar Web)
  2. From a mere glance at the data, it is clear that Amazon’s UK website has seen significant growth in recent times. Over half (56%) of all traffic to this platform comes directly through their site! 

Additionally, 30% come via search engines and 80%. The majority-79%-arose organically which means there must be some kind of organic results being clicked on by users when they look up amazon UK products online. (Similar Web).

  1. According to Amazon UK stats, 4.22% of traffic to their website comes from social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook with another source that brings people in for the ride being display advertising at 2.15%. (Similar Web)
  2. The research from desktop and mobile web visits indicates that users spend an average of 6 minutes on the site. The bounce rate is 35%. (Similar Web).
  3. The Amazon website has over 36,000 visits from mobile devices each month. Furthermore, the amazon app is a leader among shopping apps in England having 2.3 million users on iPhones and 119 thousand customers using it daily on Google Play Store rankings as second after Snapchat channels. 

Amazon prime content into our customers’ lives through social media networks such Twitter or Facebook so they can connect better with potential buyers while also being able to watch influencer sponsored ads which could result in making purchases online at any given moment. (Statista).

Final thought

As Amazon takes over the world, it’s hard for any company not to get caught up in its ever-changing ecosystem. The e-commerce giant has grown from being just an online retailer of products into one with ambitions on becoming your go-to marketplace that offers unlimited opportunities.