A bitcoin investing mini-guide

Bitcoin is electronic money that uses encryption to secure and confirm transactions. “Miners” use computers to construct a “hash” code that encrypts transaction data. After being written, data in a blockchain can’t be modified since it is stored in “blocks.”

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency, and its value has risen from $3,237 in December 2018 to $49,157.30 in December 2021, making it the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are speculative, with much higher volatility than traditional assets like equities, bonds, and mutual funds.


Satoshi Nakamoto coined the phrase “sound money” for Bitcoin in 2008. According to Edward Moya, chief market strategist at OANDA’s MarketPulse, what makes Bitcoin so special is that there are only 21 million coins in circulation. The cryptocurrencies value has risen due to supply and demand in the last year.

Despite having a set maximum quantity, Bitcoin’s price has varied greatly over its lifetime. Bitcoin is a dangerous investment that should only be considered by traders ready to accept a high degree of uncertainty. Some analysts anticipate that its volatility will gradually decline, growing and less reliant on debt. If you’ve never invested, learn the basics. Buying bitcoin requires technical and logistical issues.

Do you want to do this? To begin, follow these basic steps: This post will teach you how to invest in Bitcoin.

4 simple steps to get bitcoin

1. Find a bitcoin seller first:

Investing in bitcoin is easy with apps like

To begin, select a cryptocurrency exchange. Bitcoin is most often purchased through a cryptocurrency exchange, which most individuals prefer. These internet trading platforms connect buyers and sellers via trading pairings (e.g., USD/Bitcoin).

A brief tip for new investors: study exchange costs before buying, as they might vary widely. They should examine if a minimum amount is required on their selected platform because certain exchanges do. Bank transfer deposits also have minimums.

2. Think about cryptocurrency storage:

What form of bitcoin wallet do you intend to use?

We all are aware of the vulnerabilities of cryptocurrency trading, to secure our transactions and coins, it is a must to have wallet. Wallets vary in their features. Some only accept Bitcoin, while others accept a variety of altcoins. Some wallets allow you to swap tokens.

The first thing to understand for those unfamiliar with cryptocurrency wallets is the distinction between hot and cold storage (paper or hardware wallets). Now, bitcoin exchanges have practically the same functionalities as stock brokerages. Almost every crypto exchange accepts market, limit, and stop-loss orders.

Select a payment method

Exchanges also support a variety of payment methods. Several popular networks allow you to link your bank account to send money by wire or e-transfer (ACH).

After selecting an exchange, gather your papers. Depending on the exchange, this may include a photo ID, Social Security number, employment, and income information. Your region’s laws and customs will dictate what information you need. A brokerage account can be opened like that of a bank account.

Many exchanges grant permission and allow you to link your bank account, credit, and debit with your trading account.

However, given the high degree of volatility in the price of cryptocurrencies, using a credit card is not suggested.

3. Buy the crypto you want:

Also, you must be wise while deciding to invest in crypto.

After deciding on an exchange and a payment method, you may proceed to purchase bitcoin. Cryptocurrency exchange platforms have simplified cryptocurrency trading. The operational improvements at cryptocurrency exchanges mirror the shift in perception. A sector once considered a scam or one with questionable methods is steadily becoming a respectable one, attracting the attention of all the major financial services players.

4. Manage your money

Buying Cryptocurrencies

Buying more cryptocurrencies should be done in the same way as buying Bitcoin. However, if you want to buy crypto as a long-term investment, experts advise sticking with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Ethereum may be bought on many of the same exchanges and websites as Bitcoin. However, you must know that certain platforms may have limitations. Some large exchanges have up to 50 different cryptocurrencies. Some only have a few.

Final thoughts

Before adding crypto to your portfolio, be sure you’re comfortable with the risk. Investing only what you can afford to lose is crucial, but not at the expense of other financial goals.