Flower bouquet ideas for a friend’s birthday

Receiving a surprise flower delivery on a birthday is a pleasure not only for a girlfriend, but also for a friend. 


Some flowers are even better suited to be donated as a sign of friendship rather than love. Let’s take a closer look at two perfect varieties to wish a special friend a happy birthday.


Omnipresent in summer bouquets, sunflowers are ideal as a floral gift for a friend stretched out and full of energy. Indeed, these flowers are the symbol of positivity, optimism and vitality. They lend themselves to be given alone or as a gift in composition or in basket with other species. In addition, since there are many varieties, we find the sunflowers of different sizes and thus they can be achieved in bouquets of different sizes, if necessary. Thanks to their unmistakable shape and bright yellow colour, sunflowers can take a smile away from anyone who receives them and there is nothing better than giving them on the occasion of a birthday.

As an alternative always for sparkling and vital people, you can use the gerberas. In contrast to the sunflower, the gerberas have even more shades than the sunflower, although pink is already red.


Also known as Lilium, lilies are a must for bouquets that symbolize friendship. They immediately recognize themselves for their special scent, their wide and open shape and the characteristic pistils. They come in a variety of colours: the most popular are usually white, pink, orange, and yellow, also depending on the recipient’s personality.

In the language of flowers, lilies represent purity, nobility of soul and unconditional love. Therefore, they are an excellent birthday present for the closest friends, with whom you have a long-lasting friendship.

Flowers to wish a mother or a close relative on a birthday

They can also be given as gifts to women in the family mom or to grandmothers and aunts. Likewise, we have already mentioned how the white or pink roses are an excellent floral tribute to close relatives. However, there are many other types of plants and flowers that are suitable for the birthday of these important figures in everyone’s life. Order roses easily at Bloompost for a fast delivery and amazing quality of roses.


A classic among the birthday bouquets are certainly the calle. These happy birthday flowers stand out for their typical “Cone” shape with a single pistil in the center. They are the emblem of elegance and sophistication and for this reason they are highly valued by all who receive them. Over time, the calla has taken on different meanings, from those more spiritual to less abstract messages. In general, giving a calla lily symbolizes flower beauty, purity, eternal life and perfection. Who wouldn’t want to receive such a gift?


Carnations come from different countries of the world and are immediately recognized for their characteristics “serrated” petals and can be found in numerous shades: from white to red, From pink to violet, even with beautiful shades on the inside or on the edges of the petal. The literal meaning of the carnation is that of “flower of god“, but in flower language it is the symbol of a mother’s eternal love. According to an ancient belief, pink carnations are said to have bloomed even on the ground where the Virgin Mary had mourned for the death of Christ.

For this reason, they represent a total love, beyond every temporal boundary and every challenge of life, including death.