The best movies about casinos and gambling

One of the hottest topics of movie makers is casinos and gambling. Probably, this topic will always be popular, and it is not surprising. Hot lights, money, weapons, what could be more exciting?


If you want to spend a pleasant evening and enjoy a high-quality movies, we advise you to read about the movies listed below so you choose the one that most suits your preferences.

Movies about casinos and gambling have one of the best ratings. If you like watching such pictures, you probably like excitement and maybe trying this experience for yourself would be a good idea. Poker tables, big money, alcohol, and beautiful girls… and with today’s restrictions caused by COVID, you may experience this thrill even from home by visiting the best UK Online Casino websites.

Casino (1995)

This is a real classic that everyone should watch. This story is about two gangsters who rule a gaming empire. Robert De Niro played the role of a bandit superbly. Sharon Stone in the movie is more seductive than ever! The picture is based on real events and shows the dark side of Las Vegas, which no one knew about before.

Casino Royale (2006)

The main character is the British secret agent James Bond, who must destroy the criminal plan. There are elements of an action movie, romance, and espionage. Many argue that this is by far the best Bond film.

The Player (2014)

is a remake of the 70s movie. The main role is played by Mark Wahlberg, he plays a professor of literature who loves gambling. After getting himself into huge debts, he tries to find money, in which one of his students helps him.

21 (2008)

We are talking about a group of students who have been trained and taught the tricks of counting cards. They win again and again, but the casino later discovers the scam. What happens to the heroes next? Find out by watching the movie to the end!

Casino Robbery (2012)

All actions take place in 2008 when the country was covered by the economic crisis. Johnny Amato hires two people to rob one of the poker clubs and everything goes well. As a result, they break a good jackpot. But then a man working for the mafia takes over the investigation of the case. Will he find the criminals?

“Stickman” (1998)

Writer Jack has a creative crisis and in order to cope with it, he decides to work as a stickman for a while. He looks at the players and analyzes their behaviour , collecting information for his story. But his quiet life turns into a dangerous game thanks to some characters.

Well, now you know what to watch in your free time. Shootouts, scams, and adventures are exactly what you dream of after a long day at work!