Why Do People Get Payday Loans?

There are many myths surrounding microfinance. For example, there is one: only homeless people, drug users, alcohol addicts, and gamblers take loans.

payday loans

These are all just myths and slanderous accusations. An MFI is an organization that helps to get a payday loan and lends money at interest to its borrowers shortly after applying for a payday loan.

It is worth noting that you cannot just open an LLC and start applying for payday loans. First, you need to apply to a bank or MFI to obtain permission and get into the state register if a payday loan is taken from a banking institution. Moreover, the microfinance industry is fiercely controlled and regulated by everyone. Legal MFIs must comply with a bunch of laws, constantly report, undergo inspections and pay fines if something is suddenly wrong, so borrowing money at services like Moneyzap could be pretty secure. Today we will look at why people take payday loans and how payday loans can be taken out.

Why People Take Loans Before Payday: Benefits of Express Loans

“Quick loan in 5 minutes” – many might already be familiar with this slogan. On the Web, as well as in the media, on billboards and house facades, gullible residents of the United States and other countries are offered to issue payday loans at 0% on extremely favorable terms. Any organization can issue you a payday loan and you just need to fill out and send an online application. No confirmation of income, employment, collateral, guarantors are required as you need only a passport and a valid phone number. This is far from the only advantage of microloans including payday loans as well.

Financial Inexperience

Do you really think that microfinance companies are willing to help you unselfishly? Do you think that a payday loan in an MFI will be more profitable than a loan offered by banks? The interest rate on such a loan will be from 365% per annum and the bank still can offer only from 10% per annum. You can say the following: MFOs provide payday loans for short periods (only 20-30 days). Therefore, the loan is supposedly not so expensive.

Why Do US Citizens Choose Pre-Payday Loans at MFIs?

Temporary or permanent difficulties are a standard situation for any citizen. People may simply not have enough funds until the next salary, or they will need money for repairs, the purchase of furniture, household appliances, or other serious expenses. Since people want to get everything at once, there is a great desire to borrow the necessary funds. However, friends, neighbours, relatives will not be able to help every time.

Nevertheless, microfinance companies offering payday loans take advantage of your monetary difficulties with enormous benefits. Many borrowers submit applications for payday loans every day, thus risking falling into debt. Certain organizations provide the first loan to new clients at 0%. At the same time, it is required to return the borrowed funds on time. When extending the loan or partial payment, it will be recalculated at the base rate that is 1% per day.

Why Do So Many People Rely On Payday Loans?

Lack Of Funds Before Getting Salary

A worker cannot demand inflated interest rates because the money from the first day of the month was held for 30 days before payment. Most companies do not actually pay for anything until they are billed at the end of the month. But workers are not allowed to do it this way, they always have to pay upfront or they will have to pay a high commission. This is one of the main reasons why people resort to payday loans.

Profitable Offers

A payday loan is quite profitable. The fact that people are broke is used to take advantage of them. Mentality “strength makes right” is justified and rationalized from an economic point of view. In fact, payday loans are kind of the equivalent when you need to get quick help because this service is very lucrative.

Smart Spending

When we shop in the United States, we most often use some form of a credit card. This is a short-term unsecured personal loan. If you don’t pay it every month, you are charged high-interest rates of around 20% per annum or more. In this case, it is better to use a payday loan because it offers more favorable conditions. In fact, some entrepreneurs also choose to rely on payday loans to get immediate funds for bridging liabilities, financing their daily cash needs, recruiting for small businesses, and onboarding new employees.

Emergency Expenses

It doesn’t matter that our paycheck won’t come for another week or two but we don’t have any cash. We don’t even think about it because almost all of our expenses are not related to cash. However, we are used to the convenience of credit. Most people in the United States with credit cards even if they are constantly paying on them, have zero cash on hand and rely entirely on the loan which is paid month after month. We get these sources of credit because we are people with a long banking history. Chances are you got your first credit card in college and since then you can happily get one whenever you need it.

When you buy your first car, you receive a higher rate than you could get a stable main income. But it is still manageable and not higher than 10% not to mention your other expenses. When you bought your car, you had to go to a credit finance specialist who charges you 30% or more on your car loan. When you needed a couch or a refrigerator, you went into a rent-to-buy business with total payments ranging from 100% to 200% per annum for a rapidly depreciating item in your home.

If like most Americans (even those who have not been in such a situation) you live paycheck to paycheck, you will often be stranded if you don’t try a payday loan. If something unexpected happens or you don’t keep a close eye on your money, you won’t have a week until your next paycheck.

If you need large capital expenditures such as car repairs, you will have to set aside and save for several weeks to save enough money. If your boss didn’t give you the hours you needed last week, you may face a serious crisis. This means you may have to choose between paying rent or paying utility bills. This means you may have to live for weeks with a faulty appliance, heating, air conditioning, or car. This means that you, your children, or your pet has health problems and that you will either fight without treatment.

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