5 Reasons to give Ugears aero clock mechanical puzzle

The most important holidays for lovers of magic are upon us. Yes, yes, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just a week away! So why not give the gift of a puzzle.


These holidays bring happiness, joy, and the heartache of choosing gifts for family and friends. It’s especially hard to decide on gifts for an adult who has everything. But don’t worry, because we have a great gift idea for you, namely Ugears aero clock 3d puzzles for adults. We tell you what it is and why it is the best gift in our article.

What are the UGears wooden puzzle model kits for adults?

UGears is a unique Ukrainian startup that creates unique and patented 3d wooden puzzles for adults with special mechanisms. All sets can be assembled without glue and special tools, the materials of the puzzles are environmentally friendly and of high quality. Their wooden puzzles are fascinating and allow you to have fun in your free time, concentrate your attention and improve your motor skills. Their selection includes more than 50 different sets, such as 3D models of dinosaurs, towers, hurdy gurdy, and treasure box.

3D Puzzles for Adults: 5 Reasons to Choose

  • Reason #1 is the uniqueness of puzzles. If a person loves collecting unique things, then this set will be a perfect gift.
  • Reason #2. The UGears mechanical models can be painted after assembly, so creative people will appreciate such a gift too.
  • Reason #3 is the originality of the gift. Would you agree that this is the first time you’ve heard of such cool puzzles?
  • Reason #4. Quality and eco-friendliness is an accurate description of all the company’s kits.
  • Reason #5. The mechanisms are the highlight of the sets. They are interesting to use even after they are assembled.


This kind of gift will not only bring piece and joy for your loved one, it can also become a perfect way to spend time during Christmas holidays together with all your family. Buy and enjoy!