How you can improve the online presence of your business

Telling potential customers about your business is essential no matter the industry you are operating. Previously, this was done through word of mouth or direct advertising.

online presence

Having an online presence is how you make it easy to find a company or brand online. It is important to have an online presence as it helps build your brand’s reputation, increase brand awareness, and provide product/service visibility when users search for related keywords.

The following are effective ways to improve your online business presence.

Outsource to a digital marketing company

You can use a digital marketing company to improve your company’s online presence. The marketing company creates online content or carries out marketing services to grow and promote your business.

Outsourced tasks may include:

  • Blog or writing management.
  • Creating Facebook ads.
  • Managing SEO
  • Creating lead magnets.
  • Creating social media posts.
  • Handling loyalty or affiliate programs.
  • Designing ads.

You can work with a credible digital marketing agency in Birmingham, and they will deliver the results you are seeking.

Optimise your website

In this digital era, every business should have a website. Remarkably, 49% of small businesses do not have a website. This is a concern considering that 97% of consumers search online for products and services. If you don’t already have a website, start working on one immediately, and if you already have one, it’s time to start working on it.

The website should have clear pages showcasing your work, contact information, a bio, testimonials or customer reviews, and a blog to share your unique voice and expertise.

Your website should be mobile-friendly since most people access the internet through their mobile phones. It loads fast, has a click-to-call button, is easy to look at, has current information, and has optimized URLs.

Build an email list

This is among the easiest ways to build an online presence and succeed. Develop a comprehensive list, which will allow your business to engage actively with prospective leads and customers. If you are yet to launch your website, utilize a maintenance plugin incorporating “coming soon” pages and urge users to sign up for your business email list.

You can also build an email list by producing gated content, making it obligatory for your customers to sign up to gain access. Issuing a monthly newsletter also helps promote your business and gather leads through the distribution list. You can promote the newsletter through call-to-action to entice readers.

Have an active social media presence

Nowadays, it is necessary to be on social media as there were about 3.2 billion social media users by 2019. Therefore, social media is an essential tool to reach your intended audience on their preferred platform.

A strong social media presence instils trust in your prospects and current customers. Furthermore, social media is an excellent way to build your business reputation and credibility and display your brand. The first-place prospective customers research your brand is on social media; they want to see what you are about and what others are saying about your business