Battery charger for power tools: stop depending from electric nets!

The charger is an integral part of a quality modern cordless tool.

Despite the growing efficiency and thriftiness of lithium-on batteries every year, one way or another, you have to face the need to recharge your device. Therefore, having a quality charger on hand is one of the most important elements for the efficient operation of cordless power tools. You can be acquainted with all a well-known battery charger from well-known companies at once in the UK Planet Tools online store.

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Finding the right charger

There are no special chargers for different types of batteries. More precisely, they are all designed for specific batteries, but this is not a characteristic of the charger.

The main parameters are charge current and voltage. Moreover, they can be the same in different batteries or differ. If the charger is intended to restore the capacity of individual batteries (not combined into batteries). In this case, there are no universal devices: battery type = charger type.

When it comes to choosing a model, it’s always best to use branded batteries and chargers. So you can be sure that the goods will be of high quality and guaranteed.

Bosch GAX 18V-30 10.8-18v Multi-Functional Charger

For users of Bosch power tools, UK Planet Tools presents several types of the portable charger of this brand. One of which is the GAX 18V-30 – one of the best value-for-money options to buy.

It features sophisticated systems for simplified use in everyday life

  • New 80% Full HMI (Human Machine Interface) that indicates when the fast charge mode is complete
  • Fast charging multiple batteries
  • Charges two types of batteries 10.8 V and 18 V

And there are also useful features for on-site charging making the GAX 18V-30 power charger more versatile.

  • A USB port allows you to charge devices up to 2.1A
  • Wall mountable with specially designed enclosure
  • Convenient and durable frame of battery charger for difficult operating conditions.