How to nurture and retain leads for your business

Identifying and cultivating prospects has been a strategy for companies for years.

nurture and retain

To nurture and retain leads can be challenging, especially when you have no idea what to do or how to go about it. This is probably why about 80% of new leads hardly turn into sales. Fortunately, there are a few ways to succeed at this, including the following.

1. Offer something unique

The guide to getting leads in the first place is capturing their attention and interest. Without it, they wouldn’t give your company a second look, or much more, feel the compulsion to patronise your goods or services. However, the trick is to offer something more than they are likely to find elsewhere.

By offering something unique, your lead conversion rate can be higher than you ever planned it to be in the first place. Just ensure that the approach you use has an element of uniqueness that can draw them in. For example, instead of the usual marketing attractions used to draw potential leads, you can include freebies, a discount for first-time customers and an invitation to an entertainment event coming up.

Especially for the latter, it helps to be diverse in the events to suit different interests. The question now is how to find highly qualified leads in the first place. Thankfully, you can use strategies like those developed by Claire Jarrett. With their help, your business can adopt tried and tested means to reach leads and convert them into sales.

2. Participate in forums

Another way to reach leads is to participate in forums and workshops that attract potential leads. This goes beyond the occasional email alerts your business sends to customers and clients. Active participation in forums means an opportunity to engage a section of the public who have yet to decide whether to patronise your business or not. By presenting your business at these forums, you automatically bring your establishment closer to potential leads.

It also becomes a platform for potential leads to ask you questions they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to ask.

As you provide answers to their questions and concerns, you create the image of an authority people would love to engage with. In other words, potential leads will find your business as the answer to pressing problems and needs. Meanwhile, a forum is convenient for your establishment to get to know potential leads better. You get to study their thought patterns and even buying behaviours. Knowing all this helps you position your company as the ideal choice.

3. Be responsive as a business

One of the most upsetting things you can do is be unresponsive to leads. People love to feel appreciated and recognised, which applies to your leads. When you promptly act upon their requests, they see your business leaders as responsive and respectful. Even better, your leads are most likely to talk about your company with others with special emphasis on how you acted upon their requests in a timely fashion. This can then trigger a ripple effect as talking about you in itself becomes effective testimonials.