Try out these exterior light ideas for your backyard!

Having a well-lit backyard can really bring life to your garden when the sun comes.

It is still better to install a few trendy or classic lightings as it can help you illuminate the space, protect from unseen threats, and improve the ambience to a great extent.


There are three basic fixtures when it comes to backyard lightings. The first one is landscape lighting, and the others are safety and accent, where the first one is for safety, as the name suggests, and the latter one for focusing on the landscape. 

Let’s dive into the article for some amazing illumination options to light up your backyard with some ideas inspired from


Lanterns give off a smooth, low-voltage accent lighting.  Usually, lanterns are semi-flush mounts consisting of a glass-and-metal shell hooked to a component connected to a scale on the wall. 

Path lighting

Path lighting are mild to moderately luminous security lights as well as landscape lighting. They can be placed by walkways to create an illuminated pathway. Install them along pathways which lead from the back of your house to the front. This can help you move along safely at night. You can also place them around any garden decorations as well, which can help bring out their features.

Wall lighting

Outdoor wall lighting is a low-voltage form of security and accent lighting primarily to brighten and enhance navigation. You can place them on any upright surface, such as along the interior of your pergola, above stairways, and near recessed seating spaces, pools, and other low-lying areas.

String lighting

String lighting is a gentle, and low-voltage accent lighting. Suspend string lights wherever gatherings may be—be it on the rim of the house to illuminate an outdoor kitchen or from the bases of an outdoor arbor or gazebo to brighten deck fixtures. These lights can be found in the

Deck lighting

Deck lighting is medium to high-power lighting developed to assist folks to get up, down, and across the deck.

It’s a string of LED lights placed into the ground so that you can safely walk over them. Deck lights belong near the edge of the deck, in between the steps of stairs, or along deck stair fences.


Different lights serve different functions. Be sure to make the right choice for you before going ahead. You can visit to check out some reliable and affordable backyard lighting options.