Casino jobs – work where others vacation!

Whether casino, lottery or sports betting – gambling offers have been running for a long time. While land-based casinos suffer from the decreased number of clients and taking less and less money, racing tracks are closing leave their tickets at the lottery counter ten years ago; however, the iGaming industry is booming.

Why not switch sides and work for a gambling company? Whether in Malta, Gibraltar, Aruba, Curacao, Cyprus, Stockholm or London. Enjoyable workplaces and casino jobs are guaranteed. The industry giants like Evolution Gaming, Tipico and Betsson and the up-and-coming cool start-ups like Casumo have high volume hiring. Especially for young people, there are outstanding opportunities for an exciting and entertaining career start.


In addition, there is an international experience and the improvement of foreign language skills. The language of business is English almost everywhere. But even the native Europeans can quickly find casino jobs in the gaming industry. Whether you are a fresh graduate or a professional in your career – the job offer and demand are high.

What Are the Casino Jobs?

First of all, very few works as dealers or croupiers as such activities are only in demand in the live casino sector which Evolution Gaming has dominated since 2006.

There are hundreds of casino jobs for almost all qualifications. The classic entry-level job is customer service, it is not a bad choice for people with a good knowledge of English and other languages, and due to the frequent shift work, great flexibility, and the pay is more than fair.

We can take the Malta hiring market as an example.

Here an employee in customer service would earn between € 19,000 and € 25,000 plus bonuses and other incentives. There is, of course more money in the account every month for managerial functions such as team leaders or managers. Customer service for high rollers (so-called VIPs) and second-line support, where tricky problems are dealt with, are also paid better.

Different places – lots of choices

Those who are creative will find plenty of offers in the areas of graphic design and “content” (creation and translation). Marketing and affiliation also offer good opportunities for beginners and professionals. People with an IT background can almost choose their jobs. Whether front-end or back-end developer, programmer or system administrator. People with an IT background are always wanted and paid particularly well.

Even lawyers (in the legal departments) or psychologists who apply the problem gambling and responsible gaming protocols are also needed. We cannot cover the whole range in such a short article. Plenty of agencies specialising in the gaming sector, such as Pentasia,  Bettingjobs or BettingConnections that operate worldwide.

The added value as an employee in the casino industry

Often the employer looks after you in the best possible way before you start work. Flights or the hotel are completely taken over for the first few weeks until you find your place to stay. Such relocation packages are standard and range from €500 for a new support agent to several thousand euros for higher positions.

You will find someone is almost always at your side to help you with all the paperwork and routine procedures. Private health insurance is also offered for employees and their families. Other discounts include free memberships in fitness centres, training courses, free drinks and snacks at work or great company parties.

Promotion opportunities in the casino industry

In countries like Malta or Gibraltar, your experience and skills often count more than your education. Even without a degree, you can get into attractive positions so quickly. Sure, without a law degree, you won’t be able to rise to the head of a legal department in the gaming industry either, but most jobs are open to you if you have the commitment and willingness to learn.

If you’re an undergraduate, you can work in Malta. The free university visits can help you follow your academic path. Many Europeans work part-time in iGaming and thus finance their studies.

Life Quality

The island location of most of the gambling paradises, Malta, is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it is indescribable to work where others go on vacation. In addition, there are very low taxes and living costs.

For some, however, Malta became too small after a while. You have to find out if living abroad / working for a gambling company is something. However, you are unlikely to harm yourself (or your family).

My first job in the casino industry

After graduating from high school, I studied absolute nonsense for a few years and realised that studying was absolutely not for me. Actually, I just wanted to take a short break – but that was 12 years ago. In Malta, I started my “career” in customer service at the then really good online casinos/bookmaker Expekt / BetClic. Maybe someone still knows them as a Juventus Turin or Olympique Marseille sponsor. Finding a job was absolutely no problem, and that is the case in 2022.

Excellent work atmosphere

I can only describe life in Malta as highly positive. Rents in particular were still low back then – unfortunately, that has changed now. Lots of young people from all over the world, nice nightlife, a beautiful island, and over 300 days of sunshine make an online casino job seem like a vacation. However, after a year, I had reached the point where I just wanted more than just customer service.

However, I have to admit that when it comes to customer service in an online casino, you can expect a lot more than just writing emails and answering live chats. Small translations, processing of payouts or even promotions are part of everyday life for most. In addition, the hierarchies are very flat, you are not really at the lower end of the chain. On the contrary, even managing directors or directors are almost always in the mood for casual small talk. The many company celebrations and other benefits bring a lot more added value.

So I accepted a job offer from Gibraltar without hesitation. The English bookmaker BetVictor wanted me because I had acquired all the knowledge about slots, poker and sports betting in a very short time. In 2019 I finally started my own business, and from now on, I work as a consultant and copywriter for various online gambling providers. I am still benefiting from my first job in an online casino.