Revamping online gambling: Top 5 online gambling industry trends to await in 2022

The online gambling industry has shown consistent growth and technological advancements to entice gamers in recent years.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, a large-scale digital change occurred, which paved the way for increased support of online gambling portals. With only a few clicks, online slot games and tables may now be accessed from everywhere in the world.

online gambling

Online gambling platforms also provide themed slots and live dealer games, among other revolutionary improvements such as blockchain transactions. On the other hand, betting sites provide live betting, as well as options to bet on almost any aspect of a football match or any other sport. You can read more at sportslens if you want to gain more insights on how sports betting works.

As you can see, there are plenty of new things to expect and explore in 2022. Moving forward to 2022, the gambling industry as a whole is expected to accept cryptocurrencies as payment methods and provide customers with a better gambling experience through the use of virtual reality and augmented reality.

Given these developments, this industry’s market size and income will undoubtedly increase dramatically. Let’s look at the future and the trends you should know.

Online gambling trends to watch out in 2022

1. Updated online gambling regulations

Online gaming is gaining popularity, but it is not without limitations. Financial crimes such as money laundering and terrorism funding are unavoidable when money is involved. Even though the same authorities supervise it like banks and financial institutions, the gaming industry does not have enough anti-money laundering safeguards in place.

According to updates, multiple incidents of money laundering resulted in casinos losing enormous sums of money in 2021, with reports of $1 billion being laundered annually through Australia’s clubs.

In light of the gaming industry’s current state of financial crime, more rigorous rules are planned to be implemented in 2022 to limit such operations. Due to the stringent laws, online gambling service providers will be required to take the appropriate steps to prevent unlawful activity by validating players’ identities.

2. The rise of mobile gambling

Although the internet gaming market has already garnered great notoriety, it seems that there’s still more to find. In recent years, social and mobile gaming has been a significant contributor to the gambling industry’s growth.

Because of the rising use of mobile phones and tablets, online services companies are now offering slot games that are quickly accessible. Paid adverts within the games and other features keep the firm afloat, despite this technique not directly generating income.

Mobile gambling software developers have also ratcheted up their initiatives to strengthen the experience for players and triumph above their rivals. As a result, 2021 witnessed better visuals go well with smartphone companies’ astounding screen resolutions.

According to forecasts, these improvements in graphic quality will continue in 2022 as developers strive to deliver the finest gambling experience and meet the growing demands of gamers.

Gambling apps for smartwatches

Gambling services are now being integrated into smartwatches as if PCs and cell phones weren’t already convenient enough for players. In 2022, the latest craze of gambling using smartwatches, or wearable technology, will revolutionise the way iGaming operates.

The market is poised for tremendous development, with casino companies providing gambling applications for smartwatches. As mentioned, developers are expected to produce optimised applications to offer speedy and efficient gambling operations. Gambling service providers aim to give players the most comfortable option of smartwatch-compatible activities.

3. The use of cryptocurrency as a payment option

Although cryptocurrency has been employed at bitcoin casinos for some time, 2022 is predicted to see widespread acceptance of virtual currencies as more and more online betting platforms discover the benefits it provides.

To secure their consumers’ transactions, gambling service providers will prefer the higher level of secrecy and transparency given by cryptocurrencies. According to experts, cryptocurrency will eventually replace traditional payment methods because it reduces the danger of identity fraud and builds trust among participants.

For both service providers and players, processing transactions using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies is expected to be faster and more comfortable. For instance, utilizing credit cards for online gambling puts users in danger of giving their financial information to fraudsters.

On the other hand, crypto payments would not involve providing any financial credentials, thereby securing participants from becoming victims of data breaches. Furthermore, because bitcoin is decentralised, there are no human entities involved, which eliminates difficulties such as account freezing.

Ease of access

For gamers that reside in places where gambling is still prohibited, the regulation of cryptocurrencies as a payment mechanism and the use of smart contracts will prove to be successful. The usage of digital currencies will offer anonymity in transfers and gambling, enabling gaming operators to give services to a more significant number of players without the worry of getting identified.

In addition to crypto, anti-spyware and ad-blockers establish a readily accessible atmosphere for gambling sites. On the plus side, this will result in increased revenue for online casinos. The anonymity given by bitcoin payments and anti-spyware, on the other hand, could lead to a rise in financial crimes. An anti-money laundering solution comes in handy in these situations. It checks individuals against global watchlists to see if they are legitimate gamers and ensures a safe gambling environment.

How to play online gambling safely?

Regardless of which manner you choose to play online gambling, players must not overlook the importance of playing at online gambling platforms in the best and safest way possible.

Playing online casino games appears to be entertaining. You could even be able to profit from it. You, on the other hand, are wary. You’re concerned about getting taken advantage of. You’ve heard that online gambling frauds are on the rise, and the last thing you want to happen is to lose money to con artists.

Your concern is entirely understandable. And you’re not the only one who feels this way. Around 33% of paying gamers are concerned about the same things you are, which is why they are less likely to spend money and engage in online games and activities. In addition, 19% of paying players have been cheated when purchasing games.

Does this imply that you should never participate in online casino games? Is this the only method to keep yourself safe? Certainly not. You can gamble to your heart’s delight online. To stay safe, simply follow the guidelines below.

1. Get to know the ropes

It’s critical to learn the ropes before diving into the world of online casino games. It will be easier to avoid scams if you better understand how online gambling works.

So, before you start playing online casino games, discover the answers to questions like “What is a no deposit casino?” and “How can I determine if an online casino is legitimate?” “What does a free sign-up bonus imply?” and “What does a free sign-up bonus imply?”

2. Do your homework

Don’t join up for the first website that appeals to you. Instead, spend some time learning about the site’s history and track record.

The first thing you should search for is a license for the site. Having a license implies that the online casino must follow specific laws and regulations in order to keep you safe. As a result, it’s always a brilliant idea to stay away from unauthorised casinos.

3. Select recognised sites and trusted software

You must ensure that the software is not rigged against you when playing online casino activities and joining matches. Of course, the “house” will always have the more significant benefit, but this isn’t the same as rigged games.

The easiest method is to ensure that the online casino employs reliable gambling software and technologies developed by industry giants—some of the most well-known artists.

4. Check to see if the website is safe

Online gambling necessitates the disclosure of personal information such as your name, address, and payment information. You might be in grave peril if such data falls into the hands of fraudulent individuals. As a result, it’s vital that you only play at online casinos platforms that take pride in having and implementing robust security measures.

The minimal minimum includes a robust password encryption scheme and safe data storage. Even better, you should consider online gambling sites that offer two-factor authentication.

Before pushing through any transactions, the online casino should verify your identification. Verifying your identification may appear like overkill, but you should not fret. This is a way to protect both you and the casino. You won’t have to worry about unauthorised transactions with your information if you make sure you are who you claim you are.

5. Examine the fine print

Ensure that you read the fine print before signing up for any online casino. Although it may appear that all online casinos have the same terms and conditions, this is not usually the same case. Rules among online casino platforms can vary, and ignorance will not get you any points in this case.

So, educate yourself with the restrictions if you want to prevent any problems in the future, especially when it comes to making withdrawals. Check to see if they enable players from your location, their payment methods and processes, and how their bonuses work.

6. Check the various payment methods

A regulated online casino will provide secure and reliable payment methods. They are, however, required to do so by the regulatory authorities under whose jurisdiction they operate.

You must, however, ensure that the payment alternatives they provide are appropriate for your needs. eWallets, debit cards, and cryptocurrencies are secure deposit and withdrawal options.

You’ll be able to deposit and withdraw money fast and quickly if you use the right payment option. It should also have affordable fees and be simple to use.


The evolution, growth, and current developments in the online gambling industry should be widely publicised by the people in the market. While online casino games are obviously vulnerable to fraud, making a few smart decisions can help reduce the danger.

To prevent being deceived in 2022, start by learning how the world of online gambling works. Then stick to regulated casinos that offer recognised gambling software, high security, and dependable payment methods.

Don’t forget about player protection tools as well. These tools may appear to be inconvenient, but they demonstrate that the casino is concerned about its customers. Furthermore, because you’ve set boundaries, you can relax and enjoy yourself without fear of overdoing it.