Ways to make your neon sign shine bright.

Simple Neon Signs or Neon Signage is a great way to advertise your business in the day or night.

The sleek and eye-catching glow of a neon sign can draw in potential customers from afar. To make the most out of your neon sign, you should consider the following 10 ways to make it shine bright.

neon sign

1) Make sure you have a high-quality sign.

2) Get creative with your designs and plan before starting installation.

3) Clean and take care of your sign after installation to last a long time.

4) Prevent damage by storing it when not in use and ensuring that it is well maintained.

5) Use a professional for maintenance if needed to avoid costly mistakes that could result in more damage. 6) Check online for the perfect color scheme that will match your brand’s needs and desires.

7) keep an eye out for low-cost signage solutions, such as changing letters on existing signs, decals.

Clean and take care of the sign after installation.

What is neon?

Neon is a gas that gives off light when an electric current runs through it. It’s called “neon” because it’s found in the element of nitrogen and oxygen. Neon signs are usually made from glass tubes with electricity running through them, causing the gas to glow and create a bright advertising sign.

Why use neon signs?

Why use Neons lights are recognizable, and they attract attention for their bright colors and unique shapes. They can be used to attract customers at night or during the day. They can also be used as a creative way to advertise your business by considering its shape, color, and message.

To clean your neon sign safely, disconnect power from it before you start cleaning. Clean all sides of the glass tube with warm water and soap mixture, then rinse with clear water. Dry all parts thoroughly before applying power again to ensure there is no moisture inside the tube while using it.

Make sure you have a good quality sign.

The quality of your sign will depend on what you plan on using it for. If you plan to use your sign for more than one purpose, you should invest in a higher-quality sign. If you plan to advertise your business with the sign, then a cheaper option may suffice.

Keep in mind that it is important to maintain the quality of your sign, as this will help its lifespan. The longevity of your sign is important because it can help your advertising efforts and save you money through reduced energy bills.

Get creative with your design.

No matter what type of sign you create, make it something eye-catching. You want customers to see your sign and become interested in your business.

Though neon signs can be expensive, they are a great way to attract attention, for potential customers to notice your business when it’s nighttime.

Neon signage is eye-catching and sleek, which will draw in potential customers from afar. Design choices and navigating the design process is key to getting the most out of your signage investment.

Prevent damage by storing it when not in use and ensuring that it is well maintained.

Taking care of your neon sign is one of the best ways to ensure it lasts longer. That means storing it when not in use and ensuring that it is well maintained. You can do this by checking the sign periodically to ensure that everything is working correctly and that there’s no damage.

You can seek help from an expert with maintenance if needed, so you don’t accidentally cause more damage and shorten the lifespan of your signage.

Most neon signs are made from glass tubes filled with gas and an inert, so they need to be treated gently. Leaning on them or leaving them in direct sunlight for too long could cause cracks and other issues. And never stand on or lean against your sign. This could cause injury or permanent damage to your sign.

Storing your sign when not in use will help keep it safe from any potential threats while you’re not using it, such as wear and tear from the sun or wind, which will deteriorate its lifespan over time.

Use a professional for maintenance if needed to avoid costly mistakes.

When it comes to your business, any additional expenses could major impact profits. This is why you should always invest in high-quality signs while also seeking the help of a professional if needed.

Many people may not know that they can easily change letters on an existing sign or use decals for their signs. For instance, if you happen to change your company name and don’t want to buy a whole new sign, you can change the letters on the existing one. Or, if you are having trouble with your sign breaking apart, you can get decals for your signs to replace any broken parts. These are both cost-effective solutions that will not put too much of a dent in your wallet.

Check online for the perfect color scheme that will match your brand’s needs and desires.

It’s important to have a color scheme that matches your business, but it can be challenging to choose the best colors for you.

If you have your logo handy, it’s the perfect place to start. The colors in your logo should represent what your business stands for and convey the message you want to send.

There are also plenty of websites with color schemes explicitly built for specific industries. Take this website for example, http://www.colorschemedesigner.com/. When you enter the type of industry you work in, such as cars or beauty supplies, it provides an extensive list of color schemes that would work well for those industries.

You’ll be able to experiment with different shades before finally settling on one that works best with your brand identity and aesthetic needs.

Keep an eye out for low-cost signage solutions.

Some unique and creative options offer low-cost alternatives for neon signage. For example, if you have an existing sign that includes letters or numbers that look outdated or worn down, you can update the letters with decals.

This might seem like a small detail that may not bring significant benefit to your business, but it can be quite effective. For example, imagine having the word “coffee’ on an outdoor sign.

Replace the letter ‘C’ with a decal of a coffee cup. It will make your company look more visually appealing and give potential customers a better idea of what is being offered inside.

It is of great importance to keep an eye out for these small details that can make a big difference in the way your company looks to those on the outside looking in.


Neon signs can be a great way to catch a customer’s eye and should be a part of every business’s marketing strategy. However, they need to be maintained and cared for to last and maintain their luster. Follow these simple steps to ensure that your neon sign is shining bright and can be seen from a distance.