Why are London-based SEO companies approaching the techniques differently?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving your website and entire online presence to increase your chance of being found in searches for keywords related to your company.


It’s improbable that a site that hasn’t been optimised will rank well in search. This might cost you tens of thousands of pounds in lost revenue. The truth is that SEO is something that every company must do regularly.

An SEO company London approaches the techniques differently as London has specific characteristics. It has innumerable active companies and it’s difficult to build a business that is unique and has no competitors. This, combined with the fact that the vast majority of Google search users do not seek past the first page of results highlights the importance of hiring a good SEO company in London that can help achieve high rankings for your company’s key terms.

Different techniques for London-based SEO companies

On-page SEO

Even the most excellent content won’t bring organic traffic if it isn’t properly optimised for the keywords that people search for. On-page optimisation is a vast subject that encompasses everything from picture alt text and anchor text to search intent. Your page title tag, H1, and subheads are the most significant on-page SEO ranking signals. Your strategy and techniques, on the other hand, should go much beyond headings and meta tags. You must also account for search intent, related entities, depth and breadth of coverage, and especially internal links. Even while the meta description isn’t a direct ranking indication, it can help with SERP click-through rates.

Make no mistake: this is a big undertaking that will necessitate a lot of knowledge, technology, and procedures. To create and refine content, London-based companies like Passion Digital use several industry-leading SEO tools.

Off-page SEO

Any efforts you perform outside of your website to improve your SEO are referred to as off-page SEO. Link building, getting published on third-party websites, and being interviewed are all common examples. Google values others’ opinions of your company, so on-page optimisation isn’t enough. You must show search engines that others regard your brand as authoritative. You should execute deliberate outreach to high-quality, trusted websites and influencers to truly enhance your search results.

The importance of PageRank and trust cannot be overstated. Make sure, though, that the websites you’re referring to are relevant to your business. Finally, broaden the scope of your backlink profile. Getting 100 backlinks from the same website isn’t as important as getting 100 from unique, high-quality domains.

Mobile search strategy

With the growing popularity of smartphones and mobile search, it’s only natural for Google to shift to a mobile-first index model. This means that optimising for mobile is more vital than ever, or you risk harming not only your mobile search engine results but also your desktop and tablet search engine results. But how can you make sure your website is mobile-friendly?

Create a responsive website that can be seen on mobile devices and loads quickly. If your mobile material differs from desktop, ascertain whether your SEO copy adequately covers your target keyword. Finally, use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool to discover how Google sees your mobile-friendliness. You can also utilise Google’s Mobile Usability tool inside Google Search Console to identify any potential mobile problems.