How to increase employee productivity

How can we increase employee productivity?

A large portion of human life is spent at work. It is important that employees remain happy and motivated while at work, otherwise, productivity will suffer. If you focus on making a safer and more positive work environment, then you can work on increasing employee productivity

employee productivity

A happy employee is a hard-working employee. Employees who feel unmotivated won’t strive to go above and beyond with their work, so what are the best ways to keep employees happy and productive?

Much work is remote nowadays, working on a website like doesn’t require you to be in an office, and many businesses are either staying with hybrid work or being entirely from home. This makes it more difficult to know how your employees may be feeling.

Regular breaks

If you want to improve employee productivity, having regular breaks can help give the mind a rest and reinvigorate it. A normal workday is usually 8 hours a day. Small breaks of around 10-15 minutes can really help take their mind off from things, even if it’s just a short water break. Without regular breaks, people may start to feel pressured and overworked.

Not everyone is a morning person

Mornings aren’t the best times for everyone, usually with younger workers. Employee productivity is usually lower with these people in the mornings. So with that in mind, you can work on thinking of ways to help with increasing productivity in the mornings. Or you could think of other ways to increase productivity while keeping in mind they might not be as productive in the morning.

Avoid very early starts

While not everyone is a morning person, much less tend to be able to start work at 6am. A lot of people nowadays may start their morning around 6-7am, as they get ready for the day. But if they are expected to work at 6am, they may have to be waking up at 5am or earlier. Unless they are used to this kind of start, or are prepared for it, most employees will not be productive at this time.

Employees who are overly tired will kill productivity. It is important to make sure employees are resting enough and that their health and wellbeing are looked after.

Introduce flexible working hours

Having the option for flexible work hours, even if it simply starts an hour earlier and finishes an hour later, or vice versa, can really help with employee productivity. It can also help give employees a better work-life balance, this can make them happier and keep them motivated.

Allowing employees to have some level of freedom with the hours that they work will certainly help increase employee productivity. And they may feel that they have more confidence in their role, as well as more respect, which further helps with motivation. Everyone works differently, some people are more active in the mornings, and some prefer evenings, allowing employees to choose their times can benefit your business.