Here is the list of top global companies that invest in bitcoin

Bitcoin was indeed just an idea a decade ago, and nobody took the concept seriously.


However, the scenario has flipped in the prevailing year, and Bitcoin is one of the most-sought technologies in the financial market. After massive debate, plenty of turn downs, hefty confusion, and whatnot, Bitcoin has emerged successfully. Its success is just growing, and it seems to have a promising future.

With El Salvador becoming the first-ever nation to recognize Bitcoin as a legal tender, things have just started to turn in favour. And, to add more to it, it is a matter of another feat for this digital currency that n number of prominent companies support it. Even the increasing number of transactions on secured apps like reveals that people welcome it.

If you were still uninformed about this context, this post would highlight the crucial topic. Below are some of the top companies that show interest in Bitcoin investment.

  • Tesla is probably the most-mentioned tag whenever the word Bitcoin is brought up. Tesla is known to be one of the most leading car manufacturers in electric vehicles. Even its CEO, Elon Musk, was in the steaming columns of news for tweeting in favour of Bitcoin. According to reports, it is true that Tesla headed towards $1.5 billion Bitcoin in the last year, 2021. Elon, the co-founder of the company, sold 10% of its Bitcoin investment in the First Quarter with the sole motive of showing the liquidity feature of this cryptocurrency. It was indeed a giant step coming from the business tycoon.
  • MicroStrategy- Bitcoin traces its link frequently with this well-known business analytics platform. People across the globe know that MicroStrategy is one of the biggest providers of mobile apps, cloud services, and other software. After looking at these established business numbers and balance sheets, it will be clear that the owners have given Bitcoin a special place. The exact number of Bitcoins held by the company will be a little more or less as it keeps investing in this cryptocurrency. However, to have a rough idea, reports reveal that it currently has 124,391 bitcoins, estimated at more than $5.8 billion.
  • Coinbase Global, Inc.- It is expected that anybody regularly dealing in Bitcoin must have come across the name Coinbase at least once. The reason behind its presence is that it is one of the top crypto companies in the industry. The direct listing on Nasdaq is the highlight and biggest achievement for the crypto market. And, if you are still not convinced about the entrance of this prominent firm, the numbers will do the job well. Many recognized and trusted publications say that Coinbase had 4,482 Bitcoins in its bag by the end of the last month in the year 2021. Thus, it is bound to have a place in the list of big names as crypto holders.
  • Voyager Digital- The post would be incomplete if it did not discuss this popular brand. This is another crypto app that is gaining much light and traffic. Though the original company has existed since 1993, crypto has surfaced as one of its prime subsidiary companies. According to the posted data, it is a strong affirmation that Voyager Digital has more than 12,000 bitcoins currently. And, if calculations are done with the prevailing rate, its valuation would be around $582 million. Even the company’s CEO has made positive statements about Bitcoin that may act as confidants for future crypto investors.

It is only an illustrative list of the big names that have invested heavily in Bitcoin already. There are many more names like Square, Hut 8 Mining Corp, Riot Blockchain, Inc., and many more.

Final Words

Understandably, people are still doubtful about investing in crypto as it is volatile and still away from governmental recognition. However, big players and renowned companies showing in Bitcoin investment is a sigh of relief in this case. The presence and interest of these multibillionaire firms in Bitcoin are like a support system to the industry. And, on top of it, it is even more confidence-boosting that the number of businesses accepting Bitcoin payment is increasing day by day.