How to manage your savings better with the current inflation

Inflation is a situation that is inevitable for any society to go through.

However, many countries take measures to curb its effect on the populace. This also makes individuals come up with strategies on their own to battle the rising costs of almost all goods.  Some resort to investing in material assets or stocks, while others turn to more pleasurable things like shopping, traveling or taking a risk with some good old fashioned bingo games like the ones that you can see when you click here. Despite all this, even when the government tries to curb inflation in a country, sometimes it doesn’t just work. When it doesn’t work, the inflation rate goes 2 to 5 times above normal. At these times, it is hard for many citizens to survive without eliminating their savings to fit their present-day needs.


Before going into details of what you could do to stay afloat during the sinking storm of inflation, it is essential to know the meaning of inflation. In the easiest way possible, inflation increases demand without a corresponding increase in supply. If there is an increase in the demand for goods and services and the store doesn’t meet it, it would hike prices. When this happens, it leads to the devaluation of currency and a corresponding decrease in standard of living. You might say you have money stashed away in your savings account. Well, even if you do, it might not even save you during the period of inflation. Inflation also affects the interest rate of savings accounts. Sometimes, it might go as low as 0.4 percent interest on the money saved.

How to manage savings during inflation

  1. Try to get a raise: The primary way to try to beat inflation is to try to get extra bucks. You could go to your employer with a compiled list of your performances in a situation where your employer promises to give you a raise every half year. You should check, so you don’t forget to go to them, so they can revise the terms with you and give you a raise. Now, if you already received a raise just before the inflation, there’s the possibility that with the inflation, the money wouldn’t cater for as much as it would have done.

However, not to worry, there is also a solution for you. You can also choose to work overtime to earn extra bucks or even get a side hustle. Working overtime might not give you as much getting a side hustle. However, whichever you choose, there would still be extra bucks to help you during the period of inflation.

  1. Budget Adjustment: Adjusting your budget should be the most obvious thing for you to do. You have to do away with things that are not necessary so that you spend wisely. If you previously visited an arcade or an amusement park every Friday, you can cross that away from your list; you can live without it. If you went for dinners every chance you got, you could also cut down on that.

Essentially, to make sure you aren’t spending on unimportant activities, you could make a scale of preference. That way, you would know what to spend on and things to forget until inflation is over. Also, the parts of the scale of preference you choose to spend on should not be done in excess. If possible, find less-expensive variations of your must-have goods and services.

  1. Invest your savings: Now, this option is for people who want to continue saving and do not want their money to devalue over time. It is vital to invest your savings if you are one of these people. Your savings account would not give you so much interest during a time of inflation; if there is anything, it will reduce the value of the savings. The only thing that can save your savings is investing in assets.


Inflation is harsh on some economies more than others. However, that does not mean that only a few economies experience it— every economy experiences it. During inflation, so many things occur, including reducing the standard of living and so many more.

Still, it is essential to use any situation you find yourself in to keep your back on the ground for too long. Although, making use of inflation to live a better life is almost impossible. Still, you can live comfortably if you meticulously spend during inflation.