5 ways to pass time online

There’s a time for productivity, and there’s a time for relaxation, and sometimes, there’s a time for both.

If you have some time to wait before your train arrives, or simply want to refresh your brain, it’s nice to know you’ve got a limitless source of knowledge and entertainment waiting in your pocket.


Rather than scroll through the false, anxiety-inducing mire that is social media, why not find other ways to occupy your time? Here are just a few ways to productively occupy your spare time online.

Learn some new facts

It’s easy to forget that, through the internet, every piece of knowledge gathered by humankind over the past ten thousand years is at your fingertips. And where is the best place to access this knowledge? That’s right: Wikipedia.

Wikipedia has a reputation for being inaccurate, since theoretically, anyone can edit its articles. However, in this age of fake news and sensational opinions, Wikipedia stands as a beacon of facts, since every claim posted in every article must be verified through a secondary source.

This means you can spend your lunch hour learning about any topic that piques your interest. Want to know about the Trojan War? All the information is right there, along with articles on every other period of history, work of art, country, town, type of food, scientific discovery, grizzly murder, old TV show, and celebrity scandal you could possibly imagine. Use your spare time to fill your mind, rather than empty it.

Take quizzes

Or, if you’d rather, to test the knowledge you already possess.

We all have certain topics we like to think ourselves experts in, whether that be capital cities or Pokémon characters. Websites like Sporcle offer you the chance to prove just how knowledgeable you are, with endless quizzes on a wide range of topics.

Or, alternatively, Buzzfeed offers more light-hearted quizzes that analyse your tastes and character, from ‘What Colour is your Aura?’ to ‘Which Marvel Character Are You?’

Online casinos

If you’re able to gamble responsibly, online casinos are a thrilling way to pass the time in the company of friends and fellow gamblers, whether it’s playing slots, online poker or any other game that takes your fancy.

To find the best casino for your needs, visit the comparison website Fruity Slots compares the UK’s best, legitimate independent casino sites so you get the best value.

Go on a trip

Even when you’re stuck at your work desk, you can still go on a journey to rejuvenate yourself between composing emails.

Google Earth is a truly monumental site that let’s to travel to almost any destination on the planet through your desktop. Have you always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower? You can do it without spending a penny! In fact, view it from every angle. Then head over to the Grand Canyon, or Niagara Falls, the Great Wall of China, or your childhood home.

You might just use it as a form of escapism, or maybe to plan your next holiday.

Browse some recipes

When we’re bored, what is the go-to thought that pops into our head? What we’re going to have for dinner.

Every chef in the world has a website, blog, or social media page dedicated to their favourite recipes, any one of which is sure to get your mouth watering. Pick up a little inspiration from their dishes, whether it’s an authentic Thai curry, a bit of French patisserie, or tips on how to cook the perfect steak.

It’s interesting, it’s distracting, and it’ll motivate you when you get back to your own kitchen.

Passing time online needn’t mean wasting time online. Use the internet’s limitless resources to expand your horizons and have a little fun.