Generating wealth with the best type of marketing

One of the fundamental points of having a business is creating appropriate marketing which fuels effective sales.


To a business owner or even a top conglomerate, marketing is one of the ways to encourage growth. But what is marketing? Marketing is making known to the public the use or effectiveness of a product. It is advertising a product so that others will come to know about it. Advertising is a form of marketing just like affiliate and influencer marketing.

What is affiliate and influencer marketing ?

Marketing is getting customers of all walks of life to know about products and services. One of the easiest ways to get people to know about these products is Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is when a person, known as an affiliate agent, gets people to visit or buy products or services in exchange for receiving part of the payment for it. The commission received comes at a percentage of each sale due to the agreement between the company and the affiliate. An affiliate agent is not a staff member.

Influencer marketing is also another way of making a lot of money with the help of social media. Influencer marketing is getting influencers or celebrities who have a lot of followers on their social media accounts to advertise products for a company. The company hires the celebrity or influencer to advertise the products or services to the followers and pays for them to do so.

How to Make Money With Affiliate and Influencer Marketing

There are multiple affiliate marketing programs from different companies across the globe. There are five basic ways of making money on both forms of online marketing. These are:

Pay Per Sales

This is when a commission is given to the affiliate according to the number of people who purchase from the company using the given link.

Pay Per Install

Payments are made when you advertise a software or program and get people to download the application using the specific link you provide for them.

Pay Per Action

This is when an action is carried out on the website via the link you provide for your followers. This payment program is common among new affiliates.

Pay Per Click

Payment is made to the affiliate or influencer when their provided link is used to visit the webpage of the Company.

Pay Per Leads

This is when you make money from the number of new customers that register to the company’s website via your affiliate link.

Websites to help you become an influencer or affiliate marketer

Beginning as an affiliate marketer comes with its challenges. From building trust and gaining followers, to having a low commission from the start based on little use of your affiliate link. There are sites that assist new marketers.

Fansrevenue is a website that helps young content creators or affiliate marketers to monetize their followership. They search for what brands your followers like and earn you money in the process. Signing up on Fansrevenue is fast, easy, and free.


Generating money online can be done in many different ways. Advertising a brand or company to individuals and followers is one great way to do this with little to no start-up funds.