Optimising time in the office

How can we keep focus up in the office?

Throughout the day, employees work hard, but sometimes when work is slow they may be distracted. It might also be the case that they are doing something else instead of working. There can be many reasons for this, from motivation to a lack of work ethic. How can we make the most out of our time in the office?

time in office

No matter what you might be working on, a lack of focus can drain time out of a day. Working on websites like might be tedious work and lead to more distractions. Here are some ways to keep focus and optimise time in the office

Focus your time

Meetings are good for updating employees and making sure they are talking. However, they need to be concise. Employees may often feel that meetings are dragging on, making them lose interest. Only including those relevant to the meeting is important as well.

Meetings should be kept both short and focused on the topic. If it is an IT meeting, only have those in the IT department that it relates to.

Employees need the right tools

There are times when people stop working purely because they don’t have the right tools to continue. Running reports and downloading order information might not be readily available for when your employees might need it. If the tools and software you use are outdated, this can affect the efficiency of their time. If systems are old and slow, it will slow down the work process.

Assess your machines from time to time, making sure that they are up to scratch and running optimally. Optimise time spent in the office by giving your employees machines that work efficiently.

Take short breaks

Working all day long can start to feel draining, and then distractions start to pop up. If employees are doing a lot of work that feels tedious, then they are more likely to get distracted. Having a short 5 minute break every hour or two can help lower these distractions. It can also raise work ethic as employees will be less stressed. Whether it’s a short break to check social media, or just get some fresh air, it can help them retain focus for later.