Casino tools you need

The online casino industry is growing at a reasonably rapid pace. With the advent of technology, it has become increasingly easy and safe to indulge in your favoured hobby from the comfort of your home.


If you are playing online casino games, surfing through different games is one part, but having a great experience is another.

To enhance your experience with online casinos, several online tools are available on gaming platforms and other websites that could be advantageous in getting a higher return on your investment. After all, enjoying yourself does not mean you cannot profit from it.

Casino tools are nothing but experience enhancing techniques to help you get better at your game.

Here are a few casino tools that might be helpful in the long term.

Crazy time results tracker

Crazy Time is a type of bonus round in the wheel spin games. The crazy time results tracker tool provides historical data to better analyse your chances of winning a bigger monetary prize. 

It gives statistics on the number of spins, number of players, success rate, etc. This tool helps understand a player’s winning chances while playing wheel spin games.

Virtual Reality (VR) headsets

Gambling in a virtual setting could be bland and unenergetic compared to the conventional method. However, you can enhance this experience with a VR Headset that will give the feeling of an actual Casino and people around you. 

This tool can stimulate your brain and bring energy to your gaming experience.  

Online poker room remote control tools

Playing online poker for extended periods may become dull, tiresome, or even unpleasant at times. An online poker room remote control might come in handy to battle this fatigue.

This remote control is a specially designed gamepad for poker. It is similar to playing a game on a Playstation or XBox. With this wireless device, you can control every aspect of your poker game. This remote control comes with a touchpad section with two buttons to serve as a computer mouse.


A timer is an essential tool used while playing live casino games online. When entering the online casino world, it is easy to get stuck and lose track of time. That is why a timer is an essential tool that can help you manage your time.

It is helpful to decide in advance how much time you are willing to spend while gambling online. A timer will help you manage your time spent playing and remind you of other essential duties.


If you are a part of the online poker world, you know the term Tilt. Simply put, if you are “on tilt”, it means that you have strong emotions that negatively affect the way you are playing.

Losing consecutively or missing on big wins at the near end may get you in a position to lose all your cash by running behind money. The Anti-tilt tool will help you become aware of your emotions. The breathing techniques will help you focus on playing the right things, keeping your feelings aside.

Odds calculator

If you are unsure about what game plan to use while playing an online casino game, Odds Calculator is a great tool to use. This tool focuses mainly on conventional table games such as blackjack and poker.

This odds calculator is an easy to use tool where you can input the game scenario and get percentages of wins or losses on your bet. This information will help you decide the amount you should bet in a particular round, thus increasing your profits and reducing your losses.

Spreadsheet casino tracker

Spreadsheet Casino Tracker is a financial tool that will help you manage different bankrolls. This tool will help you keep track of games you play at other casinos, bonuses, and promotions of respective matches at the casinos.

This tracker will serve as a dashboard of all your spending and wins to help maximise your profits. The bonus tracker in this tool will help you reap maximum bonus money.

Strategy sheet

The strategy spreadsheet tools will be handy if you like playing various table games like roulette or blackjack. While playing at online casino tables, the strategy sheet will give an overview of simple strategies that could be very handy. 

This tool will help you avoid tab shuffling while playing to search for strategies and techniques. All the information you need to use a particular strategy will be available on the same screen.

Online casino games should be played with a strategic approach to earn money and experience without losing out on the comfort of your home or office.