Why you need product design for your business

Following design ethics and best practices have never been more important businesses than they are today.

Based on a study conducted by Adobe, whether or not a company follows sound design practices can have a direct impact on its stock market performance and overall growth. This means, even if your business is relatively small today, following good design practices can help you make it big tomorrow.


In this article, we will share with you the various reasons why investing in product design is important for your business. But before we dive in, let’s have a better understanding of product rendering and at which stage of business you need to get your product design ready.

How product rendering works

When you need to create an almost realistic depiction of your products, you will need to hire a designer who is specialised in 3D product rendering. Product rendering requires the use of design software to create a 3D model of your product, which you can then use in corporate presentations and for advertising purposes.

Working on creating and improving the product design is very beneficial for startups, brands, manufacturers, product creators and product marketers. It’s also a necessity if you’re preparing a presentation or a pitch to share about your upcoming product with your clients or investors.

When should your business hire someone for product design?

Depending on which stage your business is in, there are several situations in which it really pays to hire professionals for the product rendering and design job. Here are a few examples of such situations:

Launch new products

It’s common for marketers to build hype around a new and upcoming product, in order to build anticipation and generate more leads or sales. In many cases, the final version of the product isn’t fully ready to be presented or sold to the audience yet. For such situations, companies hire design professionals to create a design that resembles the final product they are hoping to create.

Build a wireframe or prototype of the future product

If your product is in the developmental stages, it can be challenging for your team to agree on how exactly the end-product would look like. With the help of a wireframe or digital prototype of your future product, it can become a lot easier for everyone not just to envision how it will look, but also help them better understand how they’re supposed to go about building it.

Execute a marketing campaign

To get the best results with your marketing campaign, it’s important to make your product appear larger than life. When you hire someone for 3D design services, you can ask them to create product images that you can use in your marketing campaign and impress your target customers.

Also, keep in mind that search engine optimisation can also be great for any marketing campaiagn you would want to run. SEO can be used to optimise your website if you have one. You could do your own in house SEO or hire an outside agency that can provide seo for ecommerce tips and other website building advice.

Why you need product design for your business

Impress your target audience

Impressive design, such as that of product or packaging, is what attracts customers at first. It’s a great way to alter their perception and make them interested in buying your products. This is why product modelling requires serious attention when you’re working on creating a suitable product design.

Stay competitive

If a customer is looking at multiple products, they are more likely to buy the one with a more appealing design. If you want to capture your share of the market, it’s important to notice what your competition is doing in terms of product design and take things up a notch with your product’s design.

Make a connection with your customers

Good design touches your customers on an emotional level and makes them feel connected to your company. That’s precisely how you build a following of loyal customers, both online and offline.

Hiring a designer for the product rendering and design

Unless you own a really huge portfolio of products, it’s always a good idea to hire freelance graphic designers for the job. Especially, if you are working with a limited budget, you should avoid hiring a design company or a full-time employee. Independent designers can also help you effectively manage your product portfolio and also plan for new developments.

Final thoughts

Remember that consumer awareness and understanding of design quality is at an all-time high, which is why companies like Starbucks and Facebook have always kept design and brand image as a top priority in their operations. Make sure you use only original designs and refrain from using stock images when promoting your products. It’s a known fact that people find content with original product designs more engaging than something that has stock images or no images at all, especially when it comes to social media marketing.

At the end of the day, working on product design can only take your business so far, and it needs to fit in with other aspects of your business, in order to have the best possible impact on your clients and customers.