Retaining the best company incentives for employees

There are many ways to attract talents as a firm, but none of them could be considered ‘complete’ unless this is also backed up with your willing ability to retain talent.


For this reason, developing and retaining the best employee incentives designed for convincing your best employees to stay is key.

The reason we suggest that you need to ‘retain’ these incentives rather than just apply them is that over time, the expectations of employees can change. For instance, think of how inflation can sometimes mean that wages vastly decrease in value, meaning that what may seem like a pay raise now is actually worth less to an employee than it might have been five years ago.

Of course, the line of how to compensate members of your staff, complying with essential hiring laws and within the good sense of your business planning is one that you have to set for yourself. What we can offer, however, is how continual incentives can sweeten the deal, not only in promoting hard work, but lowering staff turnover – maybe for good:

Company cars

Company cars sourced through the best car leasing services can be a fantastic means of providing an ancillary benefit to your employees. For some, this may work on a temporary basis, for others, it may be a more permanent fixture of their general employment package. What matters is assessing a need for this, such as the need to travel from place to place (of course), to transport clients, or to simply provide essential and well-curated conveniences for such a highly skilled employee.

Fitness plans & benefits

Fitness plans and schemes can incentivize staying fit and healthy, perhaps through providing access to excellent purveyors of fitness equipment and supplements, investing in gym access, or even structuring those facilities on your office campus. This may be part of the package in terms of how the company runs itself in the first place, such as a hotel offering free gym access to its employees as necessary.

Benefits of this nature can ensure staff feels encouraged to stay in good shape, transmitting the benefits of a healthy, active, interesting mindset to all staff members who engage. For some, just having oatmeal, raisin bran and other essentially healthy refreshments available is enough.

Achievement-tied bonuses

Companies that work to meet big deadlines and orders may find themselves achieving productivity bonuses based on how they overdeliver on certain briefs. For instance, it may be that you decide to offer bonuses to your staff if you manage to achieve a certain result, or if a shipped product receives certain positive reviews or first-month order sales tallies. Achievement-tied bonuses can incentivize great work, but it also shows that hard work is justly rewarded, with a year-round encouragement designed to help professionals give the best of themselves and feel thoroughly praised and appreciated for doing so. A comprehensive reward structure is a healthy system to follow.

With this advice, you’re certain to retain the best company incentives for employees going forward.