5 Ways to make your workspace more comfortable

Whether you’re working from home by starting up an e-commerce business or you work for an employer, it’s important to think about your physical comfort levels.


You’re working eight hours a day for five or more days per week. That’s forty hours or potentially more! Since you’re spending so many hours per week doing this, it’s incredibly important that you also utilise comfort. So how can you get comfort? What are some ways to improve your comfort levels while you’re working? These are some helpful tips to achieve that!

Bring some additional lighting to your work setup

If you’re working for an employer, there is a chance that you may have some limitations on what you can bring or what you can do. It’s going to vary from employer to employer. But if possible, look into ways to bring more natural lighting into the space, and if that’s not possible, try to get a lamp. Good lighting not only cosies up the place but also impacts mood and productivity as well. Since this contributes to well-being, it’s one of the best things you can do for your environment.

Get some plants

The touch of nature has so many positive impacts on human beings. Not only do plants purify the air, but they can truly make an environment look and feel so much better. Plants have been proven to increase productivity. Enriching your space with some lovely plants is a small way to make a big difference within your environment. You can place these on your desk, surround your desk with them, or even have them laid out throughout the office.

Spruce up your setup

There’s nothing wrong with making your desk feel homely. Whether this is at work or your home office, adding your personal style is going to make all the difference. Some ideas can include adding some photos, cute decorative accents, UK keycaps for your keyboard, a desk/ keyboard pad, and even a cute desktop wallpaper to complete the whole look.

Take a look at your furniture

If you’re working for an employer, there is a very high chance that you may have little to no control over the furniture that is being provided. This is very unfortunate. Sadly, a lot of office furniture that is provided to employees by the employer tends to be of low quality as it is usually purchased in bulk. This of course isn’t such a problem if you have a home office, then you can purchase furniture of your choosing. Try and see what some of the possibilities are.

 It’s so important to have ergonomic furniture, especially when it comes to your chair. A lot of back and neck pain is due to a lack of support from office chairs. While ergonomic chairs can be a massive investment, they are worth it.

Don’t forget about eyestrain

Chances are, you’re sitting in front of a computer for eight or more hours per day. This is going to cause a huge strain on your eyes. This then can potentially lead to difficulties paying attention, headaches, and even bad vision. You shouldn’t squint when looking at your screen. You need to be at a comfortable distance that doesn’t cause strain. If possible, look into expanding the font on your computer