How modern IT AI-based solutions support operators on the production line?

With modern technology, we can produce more and better in a shorter time – that’s no mystery.

But how exactly does it work? Which solutions specifically can help you optimize operations on the production line, and why?

The revolution in the production sector is not as rapid as we might have expected in the last decade, when the interest in AI automation solutions tools for business has suddenly shifted. The digital transformation of the industry is taking time, but it’s better this way. That means the companies prefer to prepare for it in a thorough manner. The usage of automation tools is a great innovation, but it won’t magically solve the company’s issues. The consciousness of its possibilities and limitations is what can bring you far.

Modern IIoT solutions on the production line

A production line is a place where the technology can do magic, indeed! Since the industrial times – without access to industrial internet of things and other tools – we’ve been trying to automate the machinery and its management, but today, our possibilities are incomparable to those from even 20 years ago. What forms of IIoT-fueled software support can you count on as a producer?

Performance monitoring

Such software allows the production manager and other team members to keep abreast of the current events. By processing the data real-time with its use, it’s possible to

  • calculate the OEE factor in real-time
  • eliminate double production reporting
  • execute orders accordingly to the production plan
  • monitor the production progress
  • identify, analyze and report defects and failures on the production line
  • integrate the machines and devices to extract and exchange data

Manufacturing execution system

This kind of system aims at increasing the traceability of the items in order to give the managers more control over the production process. With its use, you can:

  • scan materials at components used and verify whether they’re suitable for production purposes
  • check theoretical and real routings
  • track and send the defective items to suitable machines
  • verify that operations were performed according to the planned sequence and timing

Energy monitoring system

The usage of energy has great importance when it comes to the cost optimization of the production line. The automated tool can analyze the utility consumption per plant/area/department/line/machine in terms of efficiency and detect leakage.

More and more countries are reacting to climate change with new restrictions on energy use in the factories. The lack of a specific energy certificate may result in various business limitations. More and more companies are paying attention to the carbon footprint of their manufacturing process, and EMS helps make that count. It’s worth anticipating these with an efficient energy monitoring system to fulfill stricter limits.

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