Reasons to become a courier

Courier driving isn’t for everyone, but can be a very fun and rewarding career if you are a particular kind of person!

Who you work for is a big part of whether or not you have a successful courier career, so it is important to look for courier jobs from a delivery company that works well for you and offers great benefits.


Become your own boss.

Whether you decide to set up your own firm or work as a freelancer you will see the benefits of making your own decisions and being in control of your own future. Any profits that you make will be yours too! You can control your hours, where you work and how you work. If flexibility is something that you prioritise in a job, courier service could be for you.

Not a desk job.

If you prefer to be on the go meeting new people then being a courier could be for you! Many of our customers spoke about their enjoyment of being on the open road and liaising with the different people they meet. Ultimately, courier service is a customer facing job and comes with its challenges, but if you can be a friendly, trustworthy and reliable individual, you’re sure to succeed.

Delivery drivers are always in demand.

The need for delivery drivers continues to grow, in the city, suburban and rural areas. While businesses in cities have always used couriers, there is more and more need for delivery to residential areas. The trend to online shopping has grown, as many people prefer it to in-person shopping. In the last year, in particular, health concerns have meant more people choosing to shop from the safety of home. Some customers like the greater selection online. And with work-from-home arrangements growing, there are businesses that need couriers to make deliveries to workers in suburban and residential areas.

All you need is a vehicle!

To start your self-employment career, you don’t need to rent an office, buy a desk and computer, or spend money on other start-up costs and ongoing overhead expenses. You can run your business from home. Sure, you need to find customers, but to be successful, your first and only priority is a reliable vehicle. It doesn’t have to be a van, either.

Exploring your area and learning the roads.

You also get lots of variety in the scenery you get to explore, whether you have a city route, or you drive in suburban, residential or rural areas. Chances are, there will always be new addresses on the packages you have to deliver, adding to the diversity of your day. There’s that variety of scenery and experiences. There’s the opportunity to listen to the radio, or podcasts, or whatever you choose. Roll down the window and enjoy the fresh air, if that’s your thing. And whether or not you’re an introvert, some people just like being alone, rather than working in a group setting.

Your career as a courier driver is just around the corner, so what are you waiting for? Take the leap and become a self employed courier today.