Top tips for creating a productive home office

How can we increase productivity with your home office?

Whether you are working from home, or at the office, we can often find ourselves losing focus. Working 9-5 with only one break can feel overwhelming or monotonous. At times like these, we can feel ourselves slowing down. If you are working from home, you may feel that your lack of focus increases. Everyday distractions and having the pleasantries of your home at your fingertips can make focusing difficult.

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To increase productivity, we have to first look at our environment. Here are some easy ways to increase productivity at your home office.


It goes without saying that a home office will have a considerable increase in distractions. Anything from family life, to your hobbies, can make you lose focus. Having a personal computer close by may result in idle browsing, or extended time looking at social media, decreasing productivity. Family life can also get in the way, usually with the little ones.

One of the easiest courses of action for this is to create a home office, separate from your personal computer or any distractions. This can help separate you from potential distractions and allow you to focus on your work.

Office layout and design

Picture your work office, what is it like? Most offices are kept clean and open, creating an environment that helps motivate employees. It’s no surprise that your surroundings can have a serious effect on your mood. Therefore, it’s so important to keep your office space clean and open. Don’t leave clutter around, and make sure it isn’t too cramped. Having a window and plants help with motivation as well.

You should also consider the furniture you have. Think about how it’s designed, is it ergonomic? You will be sat down most of the day, so having a comfortable chair and mouse is a must. You should also consider details like lighting. Lights can strain eyes or be off putting and distracting. In winter times, you will be using them a lot more, so make sure to find something which fits your office space perfectly.


It might seem counterproductive but increasing short breaks may help with productivity and motivation in your home office. Our minds can only work so much until they start to drift. If you feel yourself drifting and losing focus, it might be time to take a short break. Go outside for a quick walk, or briefly check social media, do something to take your mind off things.

Whatever it may be, giving yourself 5 minutes every hour or so can really help lower stress. Taking a break allows the mind to rest and gather its thoughts, letting you tackle your work with renewed energy.

Health and mental wellbeing

If you are a social person, then working from home might not be for you. That being said, some offices may require you to work some days from home. On these days, it may feel difficult to get work done, especially if you are used to the social environment of an office. At times like these, it is important to keep communication up. Keep communicating with your team via Microsoft Teams or whatever communication software you may use. Keeping a dialogue going can help streamline work and make sure you don’t lose motivation from a lack of contact.


Working remotely can be challenging to those who aren’t used to it or enjoy working in an office. It can cause a lack of motivation and negatively affect productivity. By following these tips, you can hopefully see a boost in productivity when working from your home office.