5 Legit Ways to Look After Your Tyres

Tyres are expensive, whether you buy them in twos and rotate them, bringing those at the back to the front and putting the new ones on the back, or in fours and changing them all at once (or even fives, if your spare tyre has seen better days). The following five tips are legit ways for looking after your tyres so you get maximum value for your money.

looking tyres

Buy the Best

Always buy the best tyres that you can afford. You do not have to bankrupt yourself by choosing high performance tyres, just buy the best quality that falls into your price range. Once you have practiced these tips for a couple of years, you might even be able to keep your old tyres for a little longer, which will enable you to save up the extra so as to be able to afford premium tyres. Premium tyres last longer than budget tyres, because they are made from superior products: carefully selected rubber, designed using the latest engineering advances and better able to hold up over time than cheaper tyres made using outmoded technology. Premium tyres can actually end up being the cheapest option over time, with your tyres lasting almost twice as long as the cheapest budget offerings.

Drive With Care

This is perhaps the most boring tip ever: to drive safely – but it is effective at protecting your tyres. Driving on poor roads can chew into your tyres, damaging or cracking the rubber, misaligning the seat of the tyres on the axle (which can cause all sorts of problems) and generally mean that you will be calling up your tyre supplier sooner rather than later. Drive within the speed limit or comfortably below it, avoid rough or untarred roads, and avoid excessive acceleration and deceleration as much as you can. This can especially be true for motorists driving in crowded areas like Yorkshire or nearby.

Any rough treatment can lead to an issue with your tyres, so why not avoid the risks as much as possible, and enjoy having great quality tyres for longer?  Furthermore, if you are looking to get tyres in Castleford, you can book them at Reg Greenwood.

Regular Check-Ups

Get into the habit of including your tyres in your pre-driving checklist. Examine them carefully for flaws or defects, and check the treads for signs of baldness. Your tread depth has long been on the MOT inspection sheet as a criterion for a fail. Looking for damage on the tyres: dimpling or bulges on the sidewall, dark spots that could indicate punctures and cracks or missing chunks of rubber, can all alert you to small problems that can be quickly remedied before the tyre fails. This check should join you with regular checks of your various fluids, the brakes and lights, and the general condition of the car. The better you understand your car, the easier you will find it to pinpoint when something goes wrong.

Proper Inflation

Make sure your tyres are properly inflated as modern tyres are precision engineered to work best at the recommended pressures. This can easily be found: on the tyres themselves, in your car owner’s manual, or, failing those, on the internet. Your tyre supplier will also be able to advise you if you have their phone number or email address. Bear in mind that tyre inflation has been added to the MOT checklist, so it is now a legal requirement that your tyres be properly inflated at all times.

Keep Things Light

Are you in the habit of leaving things in the car in case you need them? Or on the off-chance that you’ll be passing by a charity shop or recycling centre at some point in the next week or two? You could be wearing out your tyres much sooner than you realize, not to mention using more fuel than you should. Keeping extraneous clutter out of your car: only load up those boxes full of second-hand books when you know you will be going to the local charity shop – is a great way to take the pressure off your tyres, reduce wear and tear, and even save a few pennies on fuel. It is also safer as there is less weight behind you in the car to cause injuries should you find yourself in an accident.

Once you have practiced these great ways to look after your tyres and they have come to the end of their natural life, it is time for replacements. Hence it is always advisable to visit a reliable tyre garage near you to buckle up in advance for a smooth driving experience in the long run!