How To Bring Exposure To Your Instagram Business Page In 5 Easy Ways

Instagram exposure equals more followers, likes, shares, and improved overall engagements.


If you have a brand on Instagram you’re trying to promote on IG, exposing the page to your target audience is crucial to reaching your goals.

Unfortunately, Instagram exposure doesn’t come easy. You can labor for months without seeing any major results.

I remember trying to grow a business account organically by myself some years back, and it took me eight months to get 1k followers. Eight good months. Can you imagine that?

I’m sure nobody likes to wait around that long, which explains why you’re here. Good news is I’ve learned some tricks over the years, and now I’m going to share them with you.

5 Ways To Bring Exposure To Your Instagram Page

  1. Buy An Instagram Growth Service

An Instagram growth service is a service that grows your pages organically using special techniques. This type of service helps you achieve exposure by showing your page to people interested in your type of content.

Usually, you’ll find people who provide this service portraying themselves as platforms that sell followers, likes, comments, etc.

You may be skeptical about the authenticity of their offerings. And that’s understandable, considering the many sob stories flying around about the practice of buying Instagram followers.

However, you must note that not all growth providers sell fake and inactive Instagram promo packages. There are those who sell strictly authentic Instagram followers and likes. And you can tell the difference between the two from their price lists.

A growth service selling fake followers will likely ask you to pay $5 to get 1000 followers, whereas a legit provider who has access to real-life followers may ask you to pay as much as $100 for the same amount of followers.

SocioTraffic is one such provider. You can buy Instagram likes monthly on their platform and expose your brand to the right audience as a result.

  1. Embrace Hashtagging

For every post you make, hashtags have the potential to bring fresh attention to your page. The more effective your hashtags are, the greater the amount of attention your page receives.

So, if you’ve been lax about hashtagging, now is time to double down on it. Hashtags are designed to show your posts to people who aren’t following you. Don’t joke with them.

  1. Get An Instagram Blogger To Feature Your Page On Their Page

Instagram bloggers are people who document events, posts, and activities on their page to entertain and educate their audience. You can find them in almost every niche, from travel to lifestyle, health to gadgets, and so on.

Like influencers, these guys usually have plenty of followers. As such, when they post your page or brand on their page, a lot of eyes are quickly drawn to you.

If you don’t know any Instagram blogger in your niche, Google search “Top Instagram bloggers in {name of niche}.” When I did for the lifestyle niche, some handles that came up include DOYOUTRAVEL, LAUREN CONRAD, SINCERELY JULES, and so on.

  1. Get Influencers To Organize a Giveaway on Your Behalf

Most people who use influencers for brand exposure mostly ask for a mention or a feature on the influencer’s page. While this, no doubt, brings results, it is not the best way to fully leverage the influencer’s reach.

As it is, many users often skip past an influencer’s post once they notice it’s a sponsored post. People don’t like watching ads.

A better approach would be to throw in a giveaway campaign. People love free things. So, when you have an influencer telling their followers to go follow a page to win something, you can bet that a large number of them will take the post seriously.

  1. Showcase Your Instagram Everywhere

You can promote your Instagram page on other platforms. Talk about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, etc. All you have to do is tell people what they stand to gain/experience by checking out the page.

Of course, you’ll need to ensure your page contains stuff users will love before you start distributing your handle everywhere.

If done well, this trick has the potential to skyrocket your page in no time at all.