Step By Step Guide To Build The Perfect Gym In Your Backyard

Having your own garden gym is a dream we all have, especially after the pandemic. No hectic trips to your neighborhood gym and no awkward interactions with other people at the gym. Having your own backyard gym is like building your dream castle, you set up everything just how you like it from the smallest detail to the biggest.

garden gym

However, you can get a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of possibilities that you can have in your garden gym. So here are some great garden gym tips and ideas to get you started.

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we got you covered. In this article we are going to tell you exactly, step by step, how to build the perfect gym in your own backyard.

1. Choose Your Gym Equipment

To build the perfect backyard gym you first need to choose the perfect gym equipment. What’s the point of having a garden gym if you don’t choose the right equipment the you need and are going to use am I right?

The first thing you must do is pick a variety of gym equipment and tools that you are going to need to have a complete set up, including machines, weights, dumbbells, a punching dummy and accessories.

Secondly, you are going to have to choose the right types and variations of backyard gym equipment which you are actually going to be able to use. Think back to the equipment and their variations that you used to train at your local gym and make the decision based on the equipment that you are not only familiar with, but you know you need to stay fit and healthy.

Lastly, only you know the tools and equipment you need to build your dream garden gym. If you are not too confident in what you need, you can always ask your local fitness professional or instructor. To explore your options, You can check this website to get the right gym equipment and tools that best suit your needs.

2. Plan Your Gym Space

Now that you have chosen the gym equipment you are going to need, you will need to start planning and managing the space in your garden gym.

You now know the gym equipment you will get or already have, their dimensions, and the space they need. You can’t just jam all the equipment haphazardly and hope for the best. In fact, to be able to exercise and use your gym equipment correctly and safely, you will need to be organized and carefully plan where everything is going to go. For that, you will need to:

  1. Measure the space you have available in your backyard which is a crucial step in order not to overcrowd your backyard gym space.
  2. Make sure that the equipment and tools variations you chose can actually fit (COMFORTABLY) in the gym space you just measured.
  3. Draw your garden gym plan, you can use any tools available online or simply sketch it by hand, just make sure to draw it to scale so that it will be applicable in real life.
  4. Let the artist inside you free! Design the layout just the way you dreamt it would be, this step can be a bit tricky and time consuming because you will need to keep moving a few things around in order to get it just right.

Your garden gym is just like any other space in your house, a space where you are going to be spending many hours in, so make sure it is a place where you are comfortable and feel encouraged to work out in.

3. Protect Your Gym Space

Your perfect dream garden gym is now ready to be built. That being said, you don’t want to spend all that time and effort building your backyard gym then have it damaged just because of some bad weather, do you?

Having a gym in your backyard is the best choice you will ever make but naturally since it is in your backyard, your gym and equipment can be prone to the effects of bad weather or sudden weather changes.

However! We are not going to let something like that happen to the garden gym of your dreams though. Furthermore, there are precautions and safety measures you can take to prevent any environmental factors from affecting your garden gym.

There is more than one aspect to keep in mind when protecting your garden gym. You need to consider the materials of the gym equipment itself that you are going to get, your backyard gym equipment needs to be durable and resistant to the natural weather elements outdoors. Also, you will need to consider the materials you are using to build the garden gym itself, such as the wood you are going to use.

Getting gym equipment made of durable materials isn’t always enough to make sure that it is prone to bad weather conditions, especially if you live in an area with extreme weather. That being said, making sure that your garden gym is built to last doesn’t have to be a difficult task, there are some easy-to-execute ideas and tricks to protect gym equipment in your backyard.


There you have it, your complete guide to working out just as you would at any fancy gym but in the comfort of your own backyard, you no longer have to pay that hefty gym membership fee just to stay fit and healthy.

Now nothing is keeping you now from reaching those body and fitness goals you have always wanted to achieve.

Lastly, don’t forget to comment your thoughts down below and tell us how great your garden gym turned out!