Bringing success to your business valuation

Starting your own business is a tremendous thing. Many new businesses aren’t created with enough planning, which ultimately leads to them failing. Having some understanding of the right practices can help your business succeed and start to raise its value. Everyone business should consider a valuation at some point so that they can have an idea of the company’s worth.

business valuation

If you run an online business of some kind. There are marketplaces available that let you both see the online businesses for sale, as well as get a valuation on your own business.

Flippa lets you see thousands of online businesses for sale. If you are looking to buy and enter the marketplace, this can be the perfect opportunity for you. Flippa also offers an online valuation service, allowing you to see just how much your business is currently worth.

Below are some basic techniques that can help improve your online business and its value.

Customer Service

Your customers should always be your top priority. They are usually the main source of revenue and play a huge part in your image and branding. Every customer who has a good experience is likely to come back and bring in new customers. Likewise, a bad experience can scare customers away.

Good customer service will help you gain and retain loyal customers, willing to spread the word of your service. Reputation like this can be a key factor in the valuation of your business, as it helps improve your prospects and company image.

The number of visitors to your online business can also help to increase your company’s value, so this should always be a key focus. Look at engagement techniques that can help lead new customers to your site and decrease bounce rates.

Carefully Plan Out the Fundamentals

Starting your own company is pointless if you haven’t carefully planned out your way ahead. It can be tempting to copy successful methods and practices used by other companies. But without an understanding of the purposes of these practices, they can easily lead to your failure. Flippa can offer already existing online businesses which have done much of the groundwork for you. This lets you circumvent a lot of the work figuring out the fundamentals and starts you off strong.

Take a look at similar businesses in the industry you are in, and see which practices might fit well within your company and which don’t. Compare yourself to competitors to see what you can do better.

A Business Plan and Mission Statement

These two factors can be very important when considering the value of your business. Prospective buyers will look at how well your business is doing regarding sales, but they will also look at your growth prospects. Seeing where your business could go and develop is key when it comes to a valuation. Therefore, having a business plan is so important. It shows how your business will improve and develop. As well as this, a well-thought-out mission statement will go a long way in showing that your business has a clear plan and purpose.

Business models with a high growth prospect can see a higher valuation. Flippa offers all kinds of different businesses for you to choose from. See which kinds of business models are worth more.

Passion for your work

Less of a direct factor when it comes to the value of a business, but still, something to consider. Many online businesses offered by Flippa have been around for years. Starting a business that you have no passion for may mean that it does not reach the full potential that it possibly can, stagnating its value. Finding something that you have a passion for usually means that you will perform much better in that area. Be it marketing or management, having dedication can drive success. Which can ultimately increase your business’s value.

On the other hand, you can buy an online business in an area that you feel passionate about. As previously stated, Flippa offers a large range of online businesses in a variety of different industries. If you can find an area that suits you, then you can confidently enter the industry with an online business you can be proud of.

Keep Accurate Records

Any business needs to have a good accounting team. From statements to revenue streams and profit margins. All financial details need to be carefully monitored and accurately measured. This is not only good practice but is useful when it comes to understanding your business’s value as well.

Your financial records let you know how well your business is doing. They show you where your business isn’t doing so well and how much profit your business is making. Having financial management skills is key to operating a business.

This will also come in handy when it comes to determining your business’s value. Positive income trends serve to add value to the business.


Following these tips can help to add value to your business. Meaning that you can see much more value from your business when you decide to sell. Of course, there is much more to do when it comes to increasing your business’s value, but hopefully, these tips will help you get started.

You should also consider exploring Flippa to help you get an understanding of the value of online businesses, and to give your business its own valuation.