What are the top six advantages of hiring plant equipment?

Fuel costs continue to escalate and the price of building materials is also increasing. As a result, savvy tradespeople, construction companies, and DIY enthusiasts are desperate to achieve cost savings and efficiencies, as well as maintain high levels of efficiency and productivity. Construction is big business and it’s also expensive. It is just one reason why professional and reputable construction firms are actively looking for ways to cut overheads and reduce costs. So, if you are looking to hire construction site equipment, or need to hire plant equipment because you are renovating a property or commencing a self-build project, how could you save money? In this blog, we look at the top advantages of hiring construction site equipment, and detail lots of useful and helpful advice on tool hire, construction equipment hire, and plant equipment rental.

plant equipment

It is cheaper to hire

Hiring construction site equipment is much cheaper than buying construction site equipment. Construction site equipment is expensive so why spend heaps of cash when you don’t have to? If you only wish to use plant machinery, a backhoe loader, a dumper, or a mini digger for a short period of time, don’t purchase such items when they could be sitting on your site idle for part of the time. Tool rental and equipment hire have major benefits, as you only spend money when you need to.

Value and cost effectiveness

Tool hire companies and equipment rental specialists advertise hire rates for one day, two days, a weekend, a week, and even longer (by arrangement). It is far more cost effective to hire tools for more than one day so if you are looking to rent construction site equipment and you value value, plant hire is for you.

The latest plant at your fingertips

Good equipment rental companies have access to the latest plant construction site equipment. They want to be a customer’s first port of call when a customer needs tools or mini digger hire, for example. Also, having access to the latest and most technologically advanced kit means that the equipment is less likely to break down. If equipment breaks down, you run the risk of losing valuable time on a project.


Time equals money and you do not want the cost of having to repair plant equipment on site if it breaks down. Reputable tool hire companies regularly service construction site equipment. It is important that tools, plant and construction site equipment is maintained to a high standard. All construction equipment that you hire should be serviced and checked before it leaves the tool hire depot. This is another fantastic reason why you should hire construction site equipment. Maintenance, servicing, and repairs are a cost that you do not have to worry about.

Delivery and collection

Can you spare an important member of your team, heading off site for an hour to order tools or collect tools? For a small charge, reputable tool and plant hire companies will deliver, and collect, construction site equipment and tools to your location. Good tool hire companies will go that extra mile to make tool hire and plant equipment rental easier for the end user. Furthermore, who knows a local area better than a local tool hire depot? Having construction site equipment delivered to your site saves you valuable time.

Hire equipment without leaving site

Do you know which tools you would like to hire? Today, it is entirely possible to jump online and hire tools at the touch of a button 24/7. Innovative tool hire businesses have recognised the need to have an online presence and have realised that today’s busy construction professionals want to access tools and plant quickly. If you buy tools, you have to wait for stock to be available. By hiring tools, you know the stock and the items you want are already there. Also, friendly and knowledgeable tool hire experts can talk you through your needs and provide advice when it is needed. Order tools and construction site equipment from site or even whilst sitting in your van, having a break. Tool hire and equipment rental is that easy.

We hope this article has answered some of your questions and given you some good reasons as to the many advantages of hiring plant equipment. Reputable tool hire and construction site equipment companies will always be happy to help you navigate the tool hire process and make life on site easier for you and your business.