How can office waste clearance be done smoothly with a professional waste clearance team in London? 

The workplace of any kind of job plays a significant role in determining the company’s productivity. A good office ambience can motivate workers to give their best efforts to the tasks handed to them, make them eager to work there and view the place as a positive factor in their life rather than a mandatory service for survival. Handling office waste clearance should be done smoothly and professionally.

office waste clearance

Some statistical information for UK offices

Every year about 80.6 million tonnes of office waste is generated across the UK. This is 24% of the total waste generated in the whole country. However, it is interesting to note that although 70% of office waste is recyclable, only a negligible portion of such waste ends up in recycling plants. This is mainly because most people carelessly dump their recyclables in bins and landfills.

Now, this data introduced the concept of office waste, so what is office waste? How are they generated?

A Short Introduction to Office Waste

The office waste of any firm comprises mainly paper and paperboard products. This includes thrown printouts due to printing mistakes, old and unnecessary billing reports, presentations, packaging, and more paper products. The next contributor to office waste is food scraps and extended office hours make the employees a little hungry, and the leftovers from their snack time munchies add to the office waste. The third component is general waste, which is the solid waste generated by the workers, like coffee cups, Styrofoam plates, and thin plastics which cannot be recycled.

Finally, the lesser-known e-waste is increasing rapidly due to continuous technological innovations. Generally, offices are filled with electrical and electronic equipment like computers, monitors, printers, etc. gadgets are usually thrown out and replaced with newer, better models after they become worn from wear.

Thus compiling all this kind of trash accumulated from various workplaces every year, the massive load of office waste generated can be pretty alarming and difficult to dispose of at the same time.

Hence by the general perception of the situation, anyone can understand how important it is to choose the right office clearance team in London to tidy up the office space.

The main objectives of professional office clearance teams in London

1. Spreading awareness: It should be the first course of action for anyone trying to reduce the amount of waste generated in the office. The people working within the company must know the importance of adopting sustainable and environmentally friendly practices at home and within their workplace. An aware staff is the best line of defence to reduce waste generation. So, quite often, the teams conduct seminars or presentations to educate the workforce on the necessity to recycle, minimise the use of plastics etc. This will also help the companies lower their waste collection bills.


2. Making waste sorting mandatory: more than forty-five percent of the printed papers in an office ends up in the trash before the day ends. But even though paper and paper materials are recyclable, hardly any employee segregates their recyclables from the non-recyclables. The professional team aims to stop this and advises strategically placing different bins for each type of waste in the workplace to make it easier for the waste removal company to collect them. Furthermore, the slow transition of offices to paperless transactions can reduce waste generation in future.


3. Bringing regularity in office clearance: Irregular trash disposal from the office is a health hazard and the leading cause of accumulation of waste. In addition, an average adult gives a larger share of their day to their work than their home, hence when that area is not cleaned correctly. Therefore, it is no surprise that they would feel less motivated to work in that place or be productive. Keeping all these issues in mind, professionals recommend daily waste clearance from the office to maintain the high morale of the office.


4. Doing a meticulous task by cleaning up: Any accountable waste removal agency will make sure to clean up before taking waste away for disposal. They clean and disinfect the bins at every clearance, and if they are hired in a weekly or bi-weekly manner, they replace the containers with fresh ones. They ensure the floor, driveway and even the corridors from where they carried the accumulated rubbish are adequately cleaned.

Office employees took some steps to reduce office litter

  • Being a responsible adult and following the guidelines provided by the professional team in charge of maintaining office hygiene.
  • Dispose of their trash correctly and separate wet from dry waste, recyclable from non-recyclable scraps.
  • Avoid the use of plastics in the office. This can be done quickly if the employees bring their lunch boxes and bottles from home instead of buying food and water from outside. Professional rubbish removal service is needed to ensure the safe waste removal.

Who is best suited for the job of waste clearance?

While hiring professionals for the task of waste clearance, companies are often riddled with the dilemma of choosing the right group for their work environment. So here are some qualities that firms look for while hiring the team for waste disposal.

Facilities to look for in a team of waste clearance professionals

  • Cost-effective: Since the main aim of any company is profit maximisation, they would not like to spend a considerable portion of their capital on garbage disposal. Thus, they look for cheap, practical options that do not affect their profit margin in the long run
  • State of equipment: A group with a good range of efficient equipment is higher in demand than others. Properly equipped service providers are proven to give better results and show long term effects of their service.
  • Provide easy to follow instructions: The hired team must give simple instructions to maintain office cleanliness as the already burdened employees will likely ignore any complicated task.

Generally, these are the main points that a firm keeps in mind while arranging for rubbish clearance from their office, but the requirement varies from one company to another. Hiring the professionals like for office clearance will ensure that the rubbish removal job is done in a perfect way.


A clean surrounding means a pure and positive mind. Proper waste clearance ensures a productive workforce and provides a healthy work-life experience.