How Online Gaming Can Improve Your Teamwork Skills

Team Players

While some bosses might find this hard to believe, there have been scientific studies carried out that prove that teamwork capabilities are improved in those who play online team games! Whoever would have thought that playing video games could potentially make you better at your real-world job.

Online Gaming

While playing online games online, mobile slots or a maths game can be just for fun or to increase your brain power, playing any team-oriented online game can actually improve the skills that you’ll need to work well in a team in a day to day work environment.

Some of the research shows that teammates who play video games together for around 45 minutes were a whole 20 percent more productive as a team than those who engage in more traditional team building activities. Let’s take a look at exactly how playing some of your favourite online video games with your team can make you a better team player in the workplace.

The Team That Games Together, Stays Together

When you think about the idea of playing a game, you think of the concept of fun. That’s what games were created for, right? For the players to have fun while playing and enjoy themselves. Many of the things that have been turned into team-building exercises started out as being just for a good time. If teambuilding comes from something that you do just for fun, let’s ask ourselves how having a good time together as a team can actually make you stronger together?

Science further tells us that the games we play often reflect the sorts of interactions we have with our colleagues in a workplace environment. Banding together to reach a goal, delegating, organising, sharing your resources, and working together to face challenges and solve problems. Playing games together in the workplace has incredible community-building value as well.

The ability to connect on an interpersonal level is imperative in maintaining a harmonious team environment in whatever kind of work you do. Virtual gamers operate in a community format; each person on the team uses the skills that they bring to the table in a harmonious way. They are also willing to learn about the people that they’re playing with to figure out where everyone fits into the team to create the most robust unit possible.

What Skills Can Online Gamers Bring to a Team?

If you are a gamer who plays team games when you’re gaming online, you already have a firm grasp of the skills that are needed to function well as a team member in a work environment. These are the skills that online gaming fosters in people which are applicable in a teamwork environment.

  • Communication skills

When you are gaming online, you aren’t necessarily in the same location as the rest of your team. This means that your verbal and written communication skills have to be sharp so that you don’t end up in enemy territory or sustain heavy losses in battle. If you can communicate efficiently, clearly, and in a reasonably calm manner under pressure, you already have one of the critical skills that you need to work well in a team.

  • Delegation and Strategy Skills

There is no I in team, as the saying goes. There is no “star player”; everything should be a team effort. If your leaders are able to efficiently delegate the right work or positions to the right people, your team will get the job done. If you are able to come together in a solutions-oriented format and create a plan for how to tackle the project, the battle, or the attack, you’ll do well.

  • A cool head under pressure

Maintaining your calm is essential in online game battle situations. It’s what will get both you and the rest of your team out of the fight in one piece. If you and your team handle all challenges in a calm manner, your projects will always come out well even if you have to change things up or re-adjust halfway through.

  • Collaborative problem-solving

In a team, there are many heads that can help to solve a problem instead of just one person alone. Gaming online helps you to utilise the communication skills that you have to come together and solve problems that you might be facing.  A well-guarded enemy camp is no match for five brains together; scavenging for supplies in the middle of a zombie apocalypse is made far easier when the team comes together to figure it out.

Wrap Up

If you’re an online gamer, you are primed to take your teamwork skills into real-world situations and make the most of what you’ve got. By utilising the skills that you already have in teamwork situations in the workplace, you can hone them further and contribute to your team functioning as smoothly as it can.