How to browse the internet safely with ReasonLabs VPN

PThe internet has fundamentally changed modern civilization, becoming an everyday necessity. More and more services, from everyday shopping and utility payments to banking and medical services, rely on the internet to provide some or all their services. Thus reliable and secure connectivity to the internet has become a top priority. However, the internet has also given rise to malicious actors trying to compromise the safety and privacy of internet users. VPNs come for help here by increasing the privacy and safety of regular internet users.

What is a VPN?

VPN or a Virtual Private Network is an encrypted network connection from a device to a network. It can tunnel traffic from either the internet or another private network like an internal corporate network. A VPN hides the IP address of the user and shows as if that traffic is originating from the VPN endpoint, not from the user’s network. When this behaviour is coupled with the encrypted tunnel,  malicious actors cannot eavesdrop on the traffic or identify users through their IP addresses.

How Do VPNs Work?

There can be many different VPN architectures. A typical consumer-focused personal VPN hides the IP address of the user. It is achieved by letting the network redirect the traffic through a specially configured remote server hosted by the VPN provider. This process can be illustrated as follows;

  • Users initialize the connection through a VPN client and authenticate with the server.
  • The VPN service creates an encrypted tunnel between the client device and the server.
  • The connection is decrypted when the data arrives at the remote server, and data is sent to the desired destination.

Why Should You Use A VPN?

There are many Antivirus software we use to protect our personal devices. However, they always don’t guarantee a high level of protection when using the internet. Especially Most of them are only concerned about viruses and leave you vulnerable to many entities that can compromise your privacy. This is where RAV antivirus is different from other Antivirus software. It takes privacy very seriously. As a result of that, RAV Antivirus provides you with a VPN can be used for many purposes, such as the following.

Protect Your Identity While Surfing Online

Government agencies, internet service providers, marketing companies, apps, and services you use all collect and track your personal data. Since a VPN masks your IP address, it prevents external actors from attributing your behaviour to your IP address and building a user profile based on it. Additionally, even the ISP cannot see from where and how you browse data as that data is encrypted from the client device to the remote server. It further protects your identity. Make sure to select and ISP that offers security as well as speed and stability like Mediacom Internet.

Access Blocked, Restricted, or Censored Content

When you are traveling and want to access a geo-restricted service, a VPN can be used to access that content by connecting to the nearest remote server. A good example of such an instance is accessing your Netflix or Disney Plus library available in your home country while traveling overseas. Even though some apps can have restrictions based on your location, a feature or service available for a particular location may be unavailable to others. Again VPNs can help lift these restrictions and provide users access to those features and services.

On a more serious note, a VPN can be used to circumvent blocks imposed by a government or an ISP restricting access to a particular website or service. Journalists and activists also use VPNs to protect their identities while carrying out their activities. The encrypted tunnel ensures that data cannot be intercepted and decrypted until it reaches the remote server.

Stay Secure While Using Public Wi-Fi

You can not guarantee the security of the connection when accessing the internet through a public Wi-Fi hotspot. There are instances where malicious actors have hosted their own endpoints and track, collect data, and directly compromise the devices connected to the hotspot. When connecting to a public Wi-Fi hotspot with a VPN, all the internet traffic is inaccessible to the entity that is hosting the hotspot. The VPN users can securely browse the web utilizing the public Wi-Fi hotspot, ensuring that their internet activity is protected.

The best part is that all these features are available to consumers without the need for any technical knowledge about the VPN. The VPN providers have simplified the connectivity to a point where users only need a few clicks to connect to hundreds of remote servers spread across the globe through any device such as mobiles, tablets, PCs, routers, and even smart devices. RAV antivirus provides a VPN that helps to protect your data and online identity when browsing the internet.

Why use ReasonLabs VPN?

The ReasonLabs VPN differentiates itself from other VPNs by being a VPN service developed and supported by a dedicated cybersecurity company. ReasonLabs VPN brings enterprise standards to a VPN, allowing anyone to use it without the hassle of complex configurations or maintenance requirements. Being available as a part of the RAV Elite Suite or as a standalone VPN service, ReasonLabs VPN brings;

  • 100% data encryption with up to date modern security protocols
  • Ironclad no-logs policy ensuring user activity is never collected and shared with any third party.
  • No Geo-restrictions and optimized to stream online media safely and quickly
  • Optimized for high-performance with minimal latency and speed penalties.


VPNs enable users to protect their identity and privacy while safely browsing the internet. Selecting a proper VPN is essential to ensure that your identity and data are protected without an adverse effect on the performance of your internet connectivity. A VPN like ReasonLabs VPN offers the best balance between security and performance by offering an enterprise-grade VPN optimized for consumer requirements.