Boat Rub Rails: A Highly Effective Way to keep Your Boat shipshape

Boat Rub Rails are very important for boats: in fact, they are used to protect boats from bumps but also from exposure to atmospheric agents and waves. Almost all kind of boats can be equipped by these important materials.

Boat Rub Rails Are Highly Durable And Can Protect Boats From Scratches During Sailing

These accessories increase the protection of boats and are ideal for moorings and marinas with strong winds or strong currents. Adaptable and highly durable, Boat Rub Rails are suitable for protecting against shocks and scratches and are made from materials that can withstand strong sunlight and high and low temperatures. You can select these in various dimensions and colours, to best suit one’s preferences. But one of the most important factors when it comes to choose your next Boat Rub Rails is to take into account the functions they will offer: in fact, water conditions, materials, shapes and sizes play an important role in this process. Our suggestion lies on Tessilmare’s rub rails, which can be found in various shapes and sizes, depending on their use, and with varying degrees of elasticity to prevent the boats from being ruined.

Which Is The Best Material For Boat Rub Rails?

Rub rails can be made from different materials and each of these has specific characteristics that can be taken into account when choosing the right one for your needs. Among these materials are PVC and stainless steel:

  • PVC is stronger and also harder than rubber due to its mechanical strength. Another important factor of PVC is its resistance to chemicals. These are made of PVC for nautical use. Its flexibility and modelling possibilities provide great stability and resistance against high temperatures and the sun ray. The good news about Boat Rub Rails is the fact that they don’t leave black stripes on the boat when it comes to contact. They are also really easy to clean: with little quantity of acetone the Boat Rub Rails will look like new.
  • Stainless steel provides great stability to your boat and can resist against high temperatures too. This material also gives an elegant touch and design to your boat.

The Added Values Of Stainless Steel Boat Rub Rails

Stainless Rub Rails are highly resistant to Corrosion, and this is extremely important when the Rub Rails have to face high temperatures. But the real added value of Stainless Boat Rub Rails is their beautiful design: It is really pleasant to see your boat protected by such beautiful Rub Rail with the colour of the sun that reflects on them. This material gives in fact to your yacht a great design.

How To Choose The Best Rub Rails When Replacing An Old One

Heights and lengths are also important in the choice of the best rub rails: when choosing a replacement, you must choose a rub rail that has a similar height to the one which was already used. If you are not sure on which length to choose, you can order 11 feet of additional length with the option to cut it down to the size you need.

Also, the great advantage of Tessilmare’s Rub Rails is its modular system. In case of damage on your boat, it won’t be necessary to substitute the entire Boat Rub Rails system, but you can only focus on the damaged parts of the boat. This allows you to save important resources that you can invest elsewhere.