What are The 6 Cutest Bars For Your Wedding

If you are a couple in the throes of planning your wedding, one of the main considerations when it comes to your venue will not doubt have been the bar.  The bar is the focal point, where people naturally gather and congregate, to enjoy a drink with friends and family during both the wedding breakfast and the evening party.


Of course, some wedding venues will already have a bar in-situ that you are happy with – though always check the bar prices to ensure that drinks are affordable, as the last thing you want is for guests to be not enjoying a drink because of the cost.

Other venues, such as outdoor wedding venues, tipis and marquees, however, may not already have a bar, and so this is yet another thing to add to your list of elements to organise for your wedding reception.

When you need mobile bar hire, always check what licence you will need, or whether your venue already has a licence, as the regulations on this in the UK are quite strict…but that’s for another time.

This article provides you with some ideas of different options when it comes to mobile bar hire for weddings, in the hope that one may well fit the bill for you as the happy couple.

There are certainly plenty of options when it comes to dry-hiring temporary bars for weddings, and it very much depends upon where you are holding your wedding, the size and what styling you are looking for.  Many companies provide modular bar units, which means that you can either hire them individually or in multiples, that fit together to create larger bars.  Some companies also offer bar units of the same style but in different shapes, such as straight or curves, so that you have complete flexibility when it comes to the size and shape of your bar.  You can either have a straight line bar at one end of your marquee, or you could be more adventurous and have a standalone oval or circular shaped bar in the middle of your venue which can be accessed from all angles by your guests.


Perfect for weddings is an LED bar, which by day has a white perspex frontage, but come the evening lights up.  Many of these bars can be set to one fixed colour or, alternatively, the light box can be set to rotate through multiple different colours.  An LED mobile bar provides a nightclub-style feel, and certainly stands out as a fantastic option when it comes to mobile bars for wedding receptions.

Modern ZIP Bar

The ZIP bar is a modern-looking temporary bar which has chrome finish and looks great not only at weddings but also at stylish corporate events.  There is space under the counter for bottle fridges, and there is usually a matching back bar unit to complement the bar itself, onto which you can put your bottles of spirits, glassware and other bar accessories to complete the look.

Gold Bar

No, not a biscuit, but a type of mobile event bar.  Gold is synonymous with luxury, and so gold temporary event bars are very much in demand for luxury weddings, Asian weddings and other prestigious events.  You can usually choose from a gold mirrored frontage or a gold flecked front, off which light bounces to create a stunning temporary bar option.

Oak Top Bar

It might be that you prefer the more classical ‘country-kitchen’ style bar, and these are available in today’s hire market as yet another option for you.  They have tongue-and-groove panelling on the front, along with a solid oak bar top.  As with all the other bars, if you are wanting to attach beer pumps to the bar units, then it needs to be G-clamps only, as anything else could potentially damage the units, and you’d be liable to pay a replacement fee.

Traditional Bar

Exactly as its name suggests, a traditional bar is the type of bar you would find in a traditional ale-house.  It is made from mahogany and even comes with the classic brass foot rail.  This is perfect if you are going for a retro-wedding look and finish, and is certainly popular.

Rustic Pallet Bar

And finally, if you are going down the route of an informal wedding, themed wedding such as a festival or even an outdoor wedding, there are plenty of rustic bars made from wooden pallets in today’s marketplace from which you can choose.  This is yet another option available to you which might make the perfect fit for your particular wedding styling.

So, there are a few options for you to check out.  If you’re interested in where to get these from, simply Google ‘mobile bar for wedding reception’ and no doubt you’ll be presented with a number of different companies who can help you.  Rest assured that when it comes to portable bar hire and wedding mobile bar hire, there’s no shortage of choice here in the UK!

Good luck with your search, and congratulations in advance for your special day!