The vitamin of the sun-what is worth knowing about vitamin D?

Due to geographical location, most Britons have too little vitamin D. This should not be the case as its absence can cause serious illness, and its deficiency increases the risk of dementia and cancer. Everyone has probably heard about the vitamin D. Doctors remind you of its use,  in pharmacies it can be found at checkout windows, and it is a regular guest of TV commercials.


So, why are so many people deficient in this vitamin? Taking vitamin D is strictly monitored only for the first few months of a baby’s life. Unfortunately, later on it is basically forgotten for a long time. It’s time to take your health in your own hands and take care of the proper solar vitamin supplementation.

Where To Get Vitamin D From?

Vitamin D is a vitamin that would be difficult to get only from the food we eat, because the body only gets about 20% of the vitamin from food. To get the right amount of units (2000 IU), we would have to eat hundreds of egg yolks, fish and drink huge amounts of milk. However, this is impossible, and certainly such a diet would not improve your health. The remaining 80% of the vitamin is produced in the skin when exposed to sunlight. It only takes a dozen or so minutes a day in the sun with bare arms and legs to let our skin produce a sufficient amount of vitamin D. Unfortunately, due to the geographical location, in the UK, this method of supplying the vitamin can only be used 2-3 months a year.

Vitamin D – Supplementation

Vitamin D supplementation is very simple. Take a vitamin tablet once a day, to enjoy its proper level all year round. It is important to take it systematically and at the right dose. We can buy supplements in many places: pharmacies, stores, on the Internet, however, you should pay attention to the fact that the product is proven and in high dose. In the YourSecretIs store, you can find high-quality, economical vitamin packages. The brand creates its products with a fascination of a healthy lifestyle. It puts emphasis on improving the quality of life through the appropriate support of the body with high-quality supplements.

What Does Vitamin D Supplementation Give?

Vitamin D is a vitamin that builds the entire body. It has an impact on many functions that take place in the human body, so even a small deficiency can cause discomfort. Vitamin D affects bone structure: mineralization and normal development, and has been shown to prevent tumours. It also helps to regulate the calcium and phosphate metabolism. Maintaining an adequate level of vitamin in the body will repay you with improved muscle function and cardiovascular system, and also supports maintaining a slim figure. Vitamin deficiency can cause many ailments that reduce the quality of life. Sleep disturbance, muscle aches, decreased immunity, headaches and tooth decay are just a few of the effects it can cause.  You should take care of proper supplementation, regularity and use only the supplements from proven companies, and your efforts will bring many benefits in the future.