How To Protect Your Business Premises From Unauthorised Entry

Unauthorised entry is the entrance of individuals to your business premises without previously asking for consent to do so. These individuals have no official business and aren’t authorised by your firm to enter your business area. These entries have to be restricted and not allowed because they pose a danger or damage to your business or property.

Some individuals gain entrance without authorization and breach security to steal production IDs or product formulas. Because of this, firms need to find the most efficient means by which to stop authorised individuals from causing harm to their operations.

The traditional and most common form of managing security in companies is manned guarding. It’s a more common form of protection with security and armed personnel guarding company premises.

Protecting Your Business From Unauthorised Entry

There are many ways of safeguarding your business area against undesirables and whatnots:

1. Employ Security Guards

Security service agencies can provide your need for security personnel to be stationed in your business area. These guards are typically employed to man business premises outside regular working hours. But most firms still have guards on duty while employees are present.

It’s one of the most proactive security measures you can take against crime. Some consider it a time-proven method of preventing criminal damage and theft. In addition, manned guarding is one of the most cost-effective ways to prevent and eliminate illegal activity.

Your security personnel can talk amicably and assess people and situations, whether there’s a danger to security or not. These guards are trained, mentally and physically, to respond immediately to emergencies.

2. Hire Removal Services

Some people have a way of bringing installations and living in your vacant areas. Though a criminal offense, trespassing is still ignored by many property intruders. Some trespassers will leave after being asked to do so, but some are very insistent. That’s why businesses employ the expertise of removal service firms in removing unwanted trespassers to their property premises.

3. Install Security Camera

A security camera allows operators to respond to alerts of illegal entry in real-time and records proof of any crimes that may have occurred. In contrast to human guards, security cameras can’t be readily bribed or coerced into surrendering their weapons.

Business establishments and facilities with cameras discourage unauthorised persons from entering the premises. They’ll think twice about being identified and getting caught by the authorities. The video taken can be downloaded instantly to all networks, and it’ll be easy to track them down.

The surveillance camera recordings can also trace previous entry attempts and other historical data that may benefit police investigations. Installation of monitoring devices or CCTV in your firm serves many purposes aside from preventing the entry of unauthorised persons into your business facilities and premises.

Some other purposes of security cameras are the following:

  • Deter harassment in the workplace
  • Reduction of criminal activity
  • Increase workers’ efficiency
  • Monitor overall workplace activities

4. Installation Of Motion Detectors

A motion sensor is a sort of security equipment that can be installed in a building to monitor restricted areas to recognize unauthorised activities, particularly outside of standard business hours. This can prevent violations of the rules that govern those areas.

The system has versatile applications used in residential and commercial buildings and industrial and military installations. These systems have alarm mechanisms that loudly ring whenever there are entry breaches.

5. Placing Of Alarm Systems

Alarm systems have the potential to provide early notice if unauthorised individuals try to access your facility. Every company has to invest in a reliable security system as soon as possible. This will help avoid break-ins and robberies, saving your company time and money.

Some establishments, especially banks and other financial institutions, have concealed buttons or switch alarms. These features are specially installed for security reasons. The warning devices are connected to the monitoring lines of the police force so they can immediately respond whenever it’s activated.

Nobody wants to put their company in peril for whatever reason. There’s a growing trend among homeowners to install security alarms to protect their families and homes.

6. Implement Authorised Personnel Identification Pass

The primary motivation for beginning an ID card program at your firm is the desire to make it more secure for your company and your employees. The ID system helps prevent someone from gaining unlawful entry into your company building.

The ID system help prevent the risks of potential security breaches. Management and personnel won’t have to worry about their safety inside your premises. The advancement in technology has also developed a lot of security features for the ID system, depending on the required specifications you may need in your establishment. The need to secure your business and its premises are as important as how you want it to grow.

Some reasons why you secure your business premises:

  • Protect inventory from theft
  • Secure business against theft and piracy
  • Protection of employees
  • Secure client and personnel data against identity theft
  • Protect business network access
  • Security against work systems compromises


Protecting your business premises from unauthorised entry is equal to how you protect your business from getting snatched by others. Your business premises represent you, your products, and everything your company owns. Everything you possess must be safeguarded and maintained in good condition. Every effort should be made to prevent and discourage admission by unauthorised individuals.